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This Saturday, Festiveuzzel will make you feel as if the summer holidays have already started. With the help of an amazing line-up (and a couple of mojitos), the already 8th edition will surely get your dancing shoes on. Discover this festival in the beautiful district Berchem thanks to our little number game. See below to win tickets!

Two stages, one caravan

Festiveuzzel has two stages that both have their own vibe. At the marquee most of the partying takes place, while the hill in front of the second stage is everyone’s favourite spot for relaxing and sunbathing. Between the acts you can swing in front of the Knalavan, a trailer where DJs and live bands will perform.

Eleven artists

On the two stages, 11 artists will perform in all kinds of genres. Hiphop and R&B fans will especially enjoy this edition, because Woodie Smalls, Gloria Boateng and NoMoBS promise a great live show, while TLP aka Troubleman will provide the best urban records.

Gloria Boateng already has a live reputation that leaves most pop singers in the dust. She combines soul, hiphop and drum-‘n-bass into an irresistible blend that has previously brought her on the stages of Sziget and Les Ardentes.

Seven international successes

Gloria Boateng is long from the only one who played abroad. Take Woodie Smalls, who has a good shot at being our next Belgian world star. This year he played at SXSW in the US and he still has a lot of European festivals on his schedule. Join the parade at Festiveuzzel, where everyone will scant his hit single ‘About the Dutch’.

The Jamaican Omar Perry is the son of dub legend Lee Scratch Perry. Although he has been living in Belgium since 2000, we do hope he will bring the Caribbean sun along. His reggae sound will get you in a sunshiny mood anyhow!

One cotton candy, two waffles and a lot of Jamaican food

This is just a rough calculation of what my sister Helen and I will have eaten after a day of photographing and Snapchatting at Festiveuzzel (Follow @Festiveuzzel on all social media and use #festiveuzzel2016). Satisfy your sweet tooth and/or grab yourself a bag of Belgian fries and a burger.

One mojito for the ultimate holiday mood

Or maybe two. 

Five representing A-town

NoMoBS is a hiphop collective proud to be from ‘t Kiel in Antwerp. They mix the local dialect with English, French and Arabic to capture the jumble of nationalities living in their neighbourhood. You do not need to be from around here to catch their contagious enthusiasm.

At Antwerp bars, the singer from blues/folk band New Rising Sun is quite famous. Their single ‘Sad, Sad World’ is a moving protest song that was awarded by Bono’s ONE Campaign. Last year they released their third record, We’re All Coming Home, that was well received by the Belgian music press.

Three kids' activities

Parents or babysitters can take the kiddies along, since Festiveuzzel is a festival with a relaxed atmosphere. An awarded magician will bring his best tricks and jokes to entertain the little ones. Let the children hop on the bouncing castle, put some cotton candy in their mouths and give them an introduction to rock-‘n-roll: you will all go home satisfied (and exhausted).

Win duo tickets!

Three lucky readers can win tickets to Festiveuzzel for him/her and a friend. Head to our Facebook page and comment by naming something orange.

More Festiveuzzel?

The heat is on at May 7, from 12PM until 1AM, at the Hofstadestraat 22 in Berchem.

You pay 7 euros for a ticket in presale, or 10 euros at the entrance (-12 years = free).

Festiveuzzel lies 5km from the city centre and can easily be reached through public transport. It is a 20-minute walk from Berchem Station or a short bus ride on lines 51, 52 or 53.

For more information, check and Facebook.


Text by Tine Van den Poel

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