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De Studio, an Antwerp cultural centre, is one of the main attractions during Full Circle. Full Circle is an Antwerp-based event and an ode to the Belgian DJ-scene and nightclubs on November 10. We had a chat with two of De Studio’s representatives, Rasheed Chelak and Johan Rymen. They talked about why they’re an exception in Antwerp nightlife and why it’s important that this nightlife keeps on existing.

This is Antwerp: De Studio also participated in Full Circle last year, what’s new this year?

Johan Rymen: There’s a vinyl market on Sunday and we welcome DJ’s such as Lola Haro and Bibi Seck, two powerful women ready to set the floor on fire. In general there are also some new locations added to the festival.

TiA: Do you focus on a certain genre of music?

Johan: The music is mostly determined by the organizers of Full Circle, but at De Studio there'll be played mainly hip hop and electronic music. It attracts a broad audience.

TiA: There’s a "kids' disco" during Full Circle, what does this entail?

Rasheed Chelak: Apart from the night clubbing for grown-ups, we’ve organised an activity for children (8+) on Sunday November 10. DJ Jones (Jonas Vanhove) is there to provide the kids with future beats and radio tracks along with hip hop music. There’s also a breakdance workshop.

TiA: Any special appearances?

Rasheed: The workshop is given by Roger Makadi, a former participant of the television show So You Think You Can Dance. Apart from that, there’s a performance by the Battle Droids Crew, a breakdance crew that is currently touring in America and has won the World Championship Breakdance in 2018.

TiA: What’s so important about a festival like Full Circle?

Johan: I think it’s a good initiative, because lately there’s not much attention for nightlife in Antwerp. Residents of the city tend to complain a lot and that creates a bad vibe. Antwerp needs nightlife, it’s a metropolis. There's need for a policy which supports Antwerp nightlife.

TiA: So why should people go to De Studio at November 10?

Johan: We’re an exception in the nightlife, because we’re actually an art house targeting young people. And also because it will be and unforgettable experience, of course.


Text by Julie Gabriels

Pics by Full Circle & Sigrid Spinnox for Visit Antwerp


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