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3D printing is the future, like you’ve heard many times before. But now it gets a lot easier, because Antwerp has its own fablab: Faber makerspace. They call themselves “a new urban workshop in Antwerp, offering old and new production techniques to creative designers and makers”.

For young designers and creatives this is a dream come true. Because in a few years everybody might have their own 3D printer at home, but as long as that isn’t the case Faber makerspace is the perfect hangout for everybody with a lot of ideas but a little less funding.

The idea is to create a co-working space for makers, who come together and inspire each other. Faber makerspace wants to stimulate the creative process and make it more accessible by providing all the machinery.

You can go there for, yes you guessed it, 3D printing, but they also have a screen print corner, a laser cutter, a CNC milling machine and a vinyl cutter.

Don’t let this list fool you, I didn’t know what any of these words meant before I stepped foot in the makerspace.

I got a good look at the place during the official opening night and got to see some of the things that are being made at this cool new co-working spot. And boy, was I amazed. All these weird names of machinery started to mean something to me as soon as I got to see all of the different things you are able to create with them. Anything you can imagine, you can make it right there. Earrings and vases get 3D printed, chess boards are laser cut, as well as sustainable dresses and all of the Faber makerspace posters and flyers were screen printed right there in the fablab.

And they even thought of the breaks creatives might need with a ping pong table.

All really cool, but what if you have no clue how all these fancy machines work? No problem! Sanne is there to help you out. She is the boss lady at Faber makerspace. With the help of Pinkeye design studio she started working on Faber makerspace in October 2016. Faber makerspace is open for everyone: professionals, students, architects, graphic designers, makers and non-makers. So, do you have an idea? Just give Sanne a shout and she’ll help you make it.

More Faber makerspace?

Want to see what is being made at this amazing creative hub in Antwerp? Maybe get inspired? You can check out their Instagram account or Facebook page where they often post updates on all different projects that are being realized there.

One of the regulars at Faber is the Post-Couture Collective. They make sustainable clothing using 21st century technologies provided by Faber Makerspace. At the opening night of Faber I saw a beautiful dress made out of old Sprite bottles. For the full story, go check out postcouture.cc.

Feeling inspired yet? I know I am. I’m going to think about what I can make with my limited creative skills, and visit Faber makerspace again soon. See you there!


Text by Hanne Van Looveren

Pics by pinkeye




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