Discover another gem from 't Zuid: Gelato Factory

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Another gem from ’t Zuid. This time, it’s covered with ice-cream.

Hear hear! The summer is here! Best place to enjoy this season: ’t Zuid!

Why? For many reasons. The beautiful view of the sunset at the quay, the Summerbar (Zomerbar - which opens the 6th of July), the fine cafés with their cosy terraces… But one place especially is offering us what we all need in those hot days: ice-cream. The place to be? Gelato Factory.

Man oh man! The owner makes the best ice-cream in the world! Flavours you never even thought of ! My personal favourites: Mojito and Rocher. It’s a horrible combination, I know, but to say it in the words of my girlfriend: ‘It’s like there’s an angel peeing on your tongue’ (in Dutch that’s a very nice compliment).

So if you’re feeling hot this summer and you’re at ‘t Zuid (which off course you are), visit this ice-cream-heaven. On sunny days, there might be a line in front of it. but believe me, it’s worth the wait.




Gelato Factory

Verschansingstraat 57

2018 Antwerp


Text and pictures by Tim.