Deep house DJ Nico Morano: “Music should bring a smile to your face”

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One ticket, twelve Antwerp based party locations. That’s Full Circle, a wonderful initiative that wants to unite the best of Antwerp’s nightlife. The third edition will take place on the 10th of November. One of Antwerp’s biggest deep house figures, Nico Morano, will play no less than three gigs. “I’ll bring about fourteen hours of music during Full Circle,” he says. “That’s about 600 songs.”

Nico will open Michelin starred restaurant The Jane at 2 p.m. Afterwards, he’ll entertain the boat party at Festina Lente. “I look forward to playing on that boat. Because it’s a rather small location, the atmosphere is always more intimate. I played at Festina Lente a few years ago so it will be a happy reunion.”

Mixed audience

Morano plans to end the evening at Club Vaag: one of Antwerp’s best tech-house venues. In Vaag he’ll bring ten hours of music – his personal record so far. Nico has already shaken up festivals such as Tomorrowland, and clubs both in Belgium and abroad. But how does he do that? “It sounds cliché, but I always try to keep my audience in mind when I play,” Nico confesses. “I want to attract a wide audience that not only consists of men. When I play, the audience is mixed. Women appreciate beautiful melodies. And that’s exactly what I try to bring. Melody is my keyword.”

Happy vibes

“I devote myself to melody,” he continues. “My songs start with a synthesizer with melodies, not with thumping straightforward sounds that rage through your brain monotonously. My music isn’t easy-to-swallow. No, I want my music to create happy vibes. It should bring a smile to your face. It should offer an alternative for the music adolescents get jammed down their throats with nowadays.”

Salt and sugar

How do you play for fourteen hours straight? you might wonder. For Nico, the answer is simple: “Music gives me power. As soon as the dance floor catches fire, I can keep going for hours. I don’t need drugs for that. In fact, if you ask me to pick the drugs from a table with sugar, flour, salt, and coke on it, I would probably pick the wrong one.”


Now the question remains: what kind of music does he like himself? “I’ll be honest with you,” Nico replies. “I’m very narrow-minded when it comes to music. I don’t go to R&B or hip-hop parties. Even the location of a party doesn’t interest me at all: I choose a party based on the music.” He, however, does love the Full Circle initiative. “Full Circle is full of locations you might have never been to before. Like Onder Stroom, Bar Rodin or Pekfabrik. You get the chance to explore places you wouldn’t see otherwise. Places of which many are new concepts since Antwerp nightlife evolves so quickly. New concepts create new opportunities. And that’s just amazing.”


Text by Roxanne Wellens

Pic by Nico Morano


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