DE Studio: re-opening and re-newed

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After a silent summer, because of renovations, one of Antwerp’s most beloved and legendary venues opens again. With a bang. DE Studio – formerly known as Studio Herman Teirlinck, Belgium’s most renowned acting school – is throwing a nine day party. We sat down with Ilja Antonneau, DE Studio’s chief of press, to talk about what’s new.

This is Antwerp: DE Studio has been closed all summer long. What changed?

Ilja Antonneau: For months, DE Studio has been under construction. The facade got renovated, we got new stairs and a working elevator and – last but not least – a brand new cinema to expand our activities on offer.

Now that we’re also offering film to our audience, our services are more complete. Thanks to this extra dimension, DE Studio’s tagline “art, culture and media” has been fully realized.

TIA: What will cinema at DE Studio be like?

Ilja: Visual culture is very much alive amongst youngsters. Telling a new story on cinema felt like the logical thing to do.

We’ll make sure our program differs from the ones at Cinema Zuid and Cinema Cartoons (two other not-mainstream cinema's in Antwerp's city center, Ed.). We don’t want to create any overlap. We want to be complementary, discover new options. During the year coming, we’ll test which formats work or don’t work. And when we’re hosting events and festivals (like Grafixx, STEEZ, Christmas at DE Studio,…) we’ll ask the curators of these events to also think about the cinematographic aspect.

In January 2019 we’ll open a second cinema hall, with room for 160 people. By then, we want to have a continuous program and we want DE Studio to be a full on cinema in every aspect.

TIA: But first, there’s the re-opening party. A nine day party. What can we expect?

Ilja: Nine days of fireworks, basically. We’ll host concerts by STUFF., Funki Porcini, Gabriel Rios (already sold out, Ed.) and Bl!ndman.

On Saturday October 28 we’ll celebrate the re-opening with Lucid. Which is short for "dancing the night away with a killer line up".

The next day, October 29, we’ll welcome you at 6pm at the Arenbergschouwburg for Mauroworld. Mauro Pawlowski (a famous Belgian musician, straight outta Antwerp, best known for playing in the band dEUS, Ed.) will take the stage with tons of instruments, tons of music, tons of head banging.

From Tuesday October 31 until Wednesday November 1, we’ll open our Cinema 1 with a 26 hours non-stop Film Fest. A film festival featuring food, drinks, dancing, yoga, some sleep.

Red Bull will also drop by to host the finale of their Bekvechten battle. Expect to see some really talented MCs at work.

And on November 4 and 5 our nine day party will be closing off with the urban festival STEEZ. A laidback, steezy festival with a focus on urban lifestyle. With live performances by Darrel Cole ft. The Bobby James Family and Blu Same. DJ sets by Just Dizle and Bibi Seck. Grafitti workshops by Aerosolkings. The screening of Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop. And a full on Urban Culture Market.

TIA: That’s… a lot…

Ilja: And there’s more. Just check our website and Facebook page for a complete overview.

TIA: Such an impressive list of events actually suits DE Studio, right? This venue is a true Antwerp icon, known for creating tons of opportunities for young talent. Can we expect the same for the rest of the season?

Ilja: As a venue where a lot of young people drop by and a center for young talent, we’re indeed focusing on all things young and youthful. We got a broad network of artists, musicians, curators,… who are always glad to collaborate.

Some highlights of this season are Grafixx, Overlast and Het Laatste Woord. Grafixx, during the weekend of November 24, is one of the graphic arts festivals that are really worth the trip. During Overlast (“Nuisance”) on December 9, a new generation of Belgian talent will take over DE Studio. New bands and DJs get a stage in a unique setting. The audience gets a dazzling portion of fresh talent. And Het Laatste Woord (“The Last Word”), on December 16, will be an entire night of literature, spectacular music and party.

Want more DE Studio?

Check out or the Facebook page. An entire overview of this season’s program is available here.



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Pics by DE Studio, Erik Van Grieken, Lichtwaas & Francis Vanhee


DE Studio: re-opening

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