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It's not easy to get started as a young designer. Fortunately De Invasie offers a helping hand. DIVA – short for De Invasie –  is a platform that promotes emerging talent. It has been three years since their last edition in Belgium and now the popular event will take place in Antwerp again from April 30 until May 1st. 

Out of more than 200 candidates, 80 designers or ‘warriors’ were chosen to participate and present their work to the big audience. The 'warriors' come from many different disciplines: fashion, interior design, photography, illustration, accessories, jewelry, and so on. Ruben Deriemaeker (26) is one of those people, living in Antwerp and working as a furniture designer. Meet DERI3!

Ruben got selected with a simple, yet witty, mathematic quote: “één plus twee is DERI3”. ‘DERI3’ is actually short for Ruben’s last name, Deriemaeker, but it is also a wordplay and typography design with the number 3. In addition to that his last name contains the old-fashioned spelling for “maker.” In other words: he’s made for the job!

Love for wood

Ever since he was young, Ruben has an urge to create. He studied woodwork, interior design and finished off with an extra year specializing in furniture. After his studies he worked for some interior offices, but his creative drive wasn’t satisfied and he decided to become independent and create his own products.

Wood is one of Ruben’s biggest loves. This is also how he differentiates himself from others: he knows his craft. Not only is he a creative mastermind, he also realizes his designs from scratch. 


As a DIVA-warrior, Ruben is mainly looking forward to gain some publicity and present some of his latest designs. “I see my participation as a great way to meet new people and to put DERI3 as a brand on the market. DIVA is an internationally renowned platform, there has been events in Milan and Amsterdam. The organization has a large network, which creates opportunities for me. As a beginner it is hard to create a substantial client base only by word to mouth. A huge networking event like this will help me and the entire creative army to gain territory.”

Beautiful things

Ruben’s work philosophy is simple: “Satisfied customers, that’s what I work for. I want to make smart  and beautiful things. Obviously I need to make a living out of it, but first and foremost my job is simply to make beautiful things and by doing so, creating a smile on someone’s face.”

Curious for more?

Make sure to pop by De Invasie on April 30 and May 1st and meet Ruben and the other warriors in person. And don’t hesitate to take a look on his website if you’re curious for more… 


Text by Eva Janssens

Pics by Renaat Nijs, Nisran Azouaghe and Ruben Deriemaker


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