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  • burgerij #thisisantwerp

Meet De Burgerij: the place for healthier, top notch burgers filled with quality meat (or a veggie alternative), a yummy side salad and steak house fries.

In the fast food mood? Don’t get tempted by Mc.Donalds, but go for great “old fashioned” burgers with good meat between decent buns.

The options are endless: stay grounded with a “Clásico” (beef, melted cheddar, iceberg salad, tomato, baked onion and bbq sauce) or get fancy with one of the other alternatives like “El Sombrero” with salsa verde and guacamole or “Samurai Salmon” with - you probably guessed it already - salmon and wasabi-mayonnaise.

Full option

Next to the burgers you can also get tasty side salads, steak house fries, baked potatoes (with crème fraiche and spring onions) or corn. There are also veggie options: either with falafel or with mushrooms.

Location location location

And the burgers aren’t the only things worth coming for: there are two Burgerij-restaurants in Antwerp at top locations. One is located in Berchem - a little bit further away but definitely worth going to because of the lovely Cogels Osylei with unique Art Nouveau townhouses around the corner. You can find the second Burgerij near the MAS with a big terrace near the water.


De Burgerij

Berchem: Tramplein 2, 2600 Antwerp | Velo Draakplaats

Mon - Fri: 12h - 14h30 & 18h - 22h

Sat - Sun: 17h - 22h


MAS: Sint-Laureiskaai 8, 2000 Antwerp | Velo MAS

Mon - Sun: 12h - 22h

For more information check out the website.


Text and images by Laura.