D.A.T.E. meets Jangojim

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  • D.A.T.E.: graphic designer Jangojim #thisisantwerp
  • D.A.T.E.: graphic designer Jangojim #thisisantwerp
  • D.A.T.E.: graphic designer Jangojim #thisisantwerp
  • D.A.T.E.: graphic designer Jangojim #thisisantwerp
  • D.A.T.E.: graphic designer Jangojim #thisisantwerp

This Is Antwerp invited 12 internationals to Discover Antwerp Through Experience, in short to go on a D.A.T.E. with Antwerp from the 3rd until the 8th of November. We’ll show them the best hidden secrets, jaunt the hottest places, survive workshops together, enjoy the finest meals and much more. But most important they will meet that one important thing that fuels Antwerp to be the dynamic city that it is today: creative people.

This Is Antwerp local Laurent James from AntwerpTrill.com

We asked our locals to keep us upD.A.T.E.d (word plays, we know... but it's stronger then ourselves) of what our guest are doing to discover Antwerp. Yesterday we asked our local Antwerp Trill to join our D.A.T.E.'s for a creative workout with illustrator Jangojim.

D.A.T.E. Meets Jangojim  

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of days, you must’ve noticed This Is Antwerp’s D.A.T.E. hijacked this very blog. You might have read about D.A.T.E. elsewhere online or in the newspaper because we're making quite the headlines! Being the loyal This Is Antwerp local that I am I went over to the AB Hostel at Kattenberg, the D.A.T.E. headquarters. I was invited to witness the making of a mural by Antwerp artist Jangojim at the hostel and of course, meet our guests!


Jangojim is the moniker of Dimitri Sakelaropolus, he’s a true Antwerpian but as you can tell by his Mediterranean last name, he has Greek roots. Jangojim is best described as an all round creative mind. His colorful illustrations, cartoons, comics, murals, posters, album covers and animations combine his wonderful use of color with a somewhat cartoonish yet graphic approach.

Jangojim has been drawing all of his life but things got more serious when he was 18 during a cartoon workshop at the famous Antwerp comic book store Mekanik Strip. There he met artist Serge Baeken, who gave him the confidence to continue drawing. About 4 years ago, things turned professional and ever since he's been working non-stop, resulting in lots of work for several companies, brands and more. He just finished a piece in the Antwerp Permeke Library last month, so make sure to catch that one when you’re in the neighborhood.

Chocolate factory

The inspiration behind this particular piece at the AB Hostel is the chocolate factory that the hostel used to be. Jangojim’s use of color reminds me of Dutch artist Lily Vanderstokker, but he delivers a much cleaner aesthetic. The piece gets finished tonight at AB Hostel.

Then it was time to meet the locals and the AB Hostel staff. Great vibes, maximum creativity. Visitor Reynald from Paris picked up a brush and joined Jangojim in the making of the mural. Now that’s what I call an unexpected great first D.A.T.E.! 


Don’t worry, you don’t have to miss a thing. We asked our This Is Antwerp locals to cover most of the workshops for you. So keep an eye out for our blog or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!


Text by Laurent James - antwerptrill.com

Pics by Laurent James - antwerptrill.com


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D.A.T.E.: Freunde von Freunden book launch #thisisantwerp


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