D.A.T.E. 2018: Surprised by Experience Traps

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The D.A.T.E. crew woke up on Day 02, inhaling some fresh and arty air. Middelheim Museum, an open air sculpture parc and museum for contemoporary art, presents Experience Traps, one of the leading exhibits of the Antwerp Baroque 2018 festival. And guess which lucky birds got to discover this art paradise?

Our guide Bart showed us a selection of the in total 16 artworks,  that sprouted from the inspiration of contemporary artists interpreting the innovative ideas behind the Baroque Landscape. 

We started at Bertrand Favier’s Fountain, a disobedient bunch of garden hoses that cause an immediate grin on the face. Baroque unpredictability moves you. In museum's the library, William Forsythe, choreographer, dares us to hold his feather duster absolutely still. We tried. And tried. And discovered there might be a lesson to learn in Debut: failure is the best way to learn.

Birdcalls and prison

Next stop was prison. On Friday evenings, De Nor, a travelling theatre from the hand of Antwerp multidiverse artist Dennis Tyfus, presents music, paintings, dance performances and more. The building has its own entrance on the boundary of the museum and public space. Oh, and it has a bar. We noticed most of our D.A.T.E. guests were very intrigued… 

Forsythe puzzles us again with his Walk in like you mean it (so we did) inscription at the gate and we stroll along the Folding House 2, a structure in recycled material with interesting nomadic thoughts. Nauman’s Diamond Shaped Room with Yellow Light (no surprises there) is a real experience trap alright. Just go check it out yourself, you’ll see.

Every of your senses will be touched here, even your ears. First we raised our eyebrows in surprise in the middle of Louise Lawler’s Birdcalls and Ryoji Ikeda’s makes us experience different frequencies. And emotions.

Playgrounds and naked men

Time to play! Forsythe’s Underall II/III is a rotating construction you can choreograph yourself by running at a certain pace. No need to say we hung out here a little longer. Creativity represent, as well as our inner child.

The controversial Arc de Triomphe by the Gelitin collective, brings back the Baroque practice of erecting triumphal arches. The nude man urinating is quite unforgettable, whether you appreciate it or not. 

Strolling along Ulla Von Brandenburg’s beautiful Baroque stage Le Soleil te regarde, we ended our tour at Gelitin’s clay pit Sculpure for a sculpture park. “You can leave your own mark on the expo here”, Bart grins. And we all wished we’d put on slippers this morning so we could've started our own little war on clay.

Experience Traps (September 23) is an overwhelming garden walk. Wander around on your own for free  or let the guides help you out.


Text by Elke Verkimpen

Pics by Niko Caignie


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