D.A.T.E. 2018: rooftop gardening at PAKT

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A Berlin vibe in Antwerp, it’s possible. But… only with the Antwerp twist of course. After all, this is the city of cool.

On the very first day of D.A.T.E. 2018, Adje gave us a tour at PAKT: a former industrial site with three old warehouses now turned into a creative hub.

PAKT is bringing together creative entrepreneurs (architects, creative agencies, a coffee roastery,…) and city farmers in the heart of Antwerp. If you enter the gate you walk into a different universe. Can we live here, pretty please?

The rooftop of PAKT is used for a unique 2000m2 agricultural project. Three farmers help about 100 people from the hood to grow their own veggies and herbs on the roof. Key words: ecological, seasonal, cradle to cradle and last but not least: community effort.

Absolutely nothing is wasted here. It’s incredible to see how clever this system is. The farmers make their own fertilizer using kitchen leftovers from the restaurants on the site, chicken dung and even fish. Circular it is.

It’s quite a surreal view walking on the roof. It’s packed with veggies, flowers, herbs but also beehives and greenhouses where they grow a special - and their own - kind of tomato ‘Coeur de PAKT’. All smartly organized. The general idea: everyone takes care of everything and everyone. What not to love about this community idea?!

By the way, two star restaurant and neighbour The Jane also grows its herbs and edible flowers on the PAKT roof.

The rooftop garden is only open for members, but luckily there are guided tours every Firday at 5 pm, from May to October.

Anyhow: PAKT is worth visiting. Grab a bite in one of the lunch bars, drink a coffee or enjoy a Belgian beer. The creative vibe is contagious.

Who needs Berlin when there is Antwerp?

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Text by Miet Defillet

Pics by Niko Caignie


D.A.T.E. 2018

this is antwerp


this is antwerp

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