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By the end of D.A.T.E. we want to know how new tech can be used to enhance your experience - the experience of the This is Antwerp audience. That's why we dropped by the CoFoundry for a series of lunch and brainstorm sessions. In the company of some of Antwerp's finest and most innovating studios.

On the second day of D.A.T.E. we moved, once again, to The CoFoundry to have some lunch and listen to another one of Antwerp’s innovative companies. Today the stage was for Yellow Window: a creative studio that helps companies to optimize and innovate their products and services. During the workshop we discussed the meaning of inclusion and felt that inclusion comes from kind of directions and that it’s all about finding that overlapping sweet spot. With that in mind we started sharing ideas on how we could make tourists feel more included. This resulted into some interesting stuff, such as signages on different heights for, for example, children or basketball players, a way to make people with the same interests find each other in the city, people being both locals and tourists, and to put in some randomness during their visit by a wheel of fortune or a notification on their phone. At the end of the workshop we concluded that a feeling of safety is very important and that we should always keep that in mind. 

StudioDott hosted the last workshop. What they wanted to make us realize, from a destination marketing organization point of view, was that it’s not only about what people experience during the visit, but also about what they experience before and after their visit and what kind of challenges this involves.  From there we went to the question “What would the world look like in 2025?” and after that “What would the world look like in 2030?”. Everyone had to share his or her thoughts on that question and thereafter use those thoughts on finding a way to create tomorrow’s vision for Antwerp’s tourism. We talked about the mainstream tourist vs. the exclusive tourist, creating the raw and unfiltered picture of a city and about making people feel unique. 

With all those ideas and thoughts in mind we are going to brainstorm our heads off and come up with a concrete proposal for the city of Antwerp. Let’s do this!


Text by Eline Graat

Pics by Niko Caignie


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