D.A.T.E. 2018, pt. 2

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This is Antwerp hosts the fifth edition D.A.T.E. - Discover Antwerp Through Experience.

For this edition, This is Antwerp invited eight creative tech entrepreneurs to come to Antwerp to discover the local tech and innovation scene.From September 27 until October 1 they will meet up with local entrepreneurs and creatives, visit the SuperNova tech festival and think about how This is Antwerp can use new technologies to enrich the experience of its audience. The result of this week-long creative bootcamp will be presented afterwards.

But no work without play. The particpants of D.A.T.E. will also discover the city by bike, visit galleries and studios,...


You can follow the adventures of these creative minds on Instagram, Facebook or right here.


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Lay out D.A.T.E. by An Eisendrath


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