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You know what This is Antwerp is about: we’re a network of creative locals, creating content on all things off the beaten path in Antwerp. Be it art, music, life or fashion. Nightlife, food and drinks or theater. To promote this creative, innovative city we love in a unique way, we organize D.A.T.E.: Discover Antwerp Through Experience. Like we do every year. Except for this year, we’ll throw two editions.

Discover Antwerp Through Experience

D.A.T.E. is a way of promoting Antwerp, directly to our international target audience. We invite around ten creatives, writers and influencers from all over Europe to discover the real Antwerp way of life. A week long. All expenses covered. What we ask in return? That they inform their network about this rad city in Belgium: Antwerp.

Two editions

We’ve been organizing D.A.T.E. since 2015. Each year we learned more, made new friends, went bigger and bolder and brighter. With last year’s edition being a turning point: never have we reached so much people and created an amazing output.

So we decided to take D.A.T.E. to yet another level in 2018. With two editions. One in the spring – Baroque themed – and one during Antwerp’s beloved Indian summer – urban culture themed.

We want you

Since the very first edition of D.A.T.E., we’ve always loved working with partners on this project. And we want to keep doing so.

Which means…

We’re looking for a partner in communications, to take care of all things PR and press for both 2018 editions. And we’re looking for a partner to help us plan the practical stuff for one – or both, if you’re lucky – editions.

You got a PR agency? Or an event agency? Or both? Don’t hesitate and register here:

Good luck!


Text by This is Antwerp

Pic by Niko Caignie


D.A.T.E. 2017 exhibit

this is antwerp

D.A.T.E. 2017: a manual print workshop with Kastaar

this is antwerp

D.A.T.E. 2017: Antwerp City Walk

this is antwerp