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Kicking off day three of D.A.T.E., we hopped on a Velo citybike, destination Berchem. Kunsthal (art space) Extra City opened its doors and its creative sould for us.

Urban reality goals

Warmly welcomed, we sit down and listen to Extra City’s history. The art space was founded in 2004 and was originally housed in a grain silo located in Antwerp's docklands. After some moving around, the Kunsthal found its home in Berchem. Adinda Van Geystelen, Director, together with a artistic team, work hard on the mission of programming the right exhibitions. The theme: how can visual art explore contemporary urbanity. And how can all this reach a broader public. A huge challenge …

Nations In Liquidation

Time for action. Our guide Ilona takes us on a tour of the current expo ‘Nations in Liquidation’. This particular exhibition brings together artists whose works aim to critically address, recompose or bypass the traditional readings of the state. She gives us 60 seconds to explore the rooms and share first impressions. Just like that, she manages to get everybody wide awake and curious. 

For example, meet the works of Trevor Paglen. He examines secret governmental activities. We discover a photograph of a secret listening station deep in the forests of West Virgina and a video installation with over 4000 programme code names. 

Over to Femke Herregraven’s ‘Foul Footptints’. Her installation on the obscure colonial history of the islands of Mauritius and Diego Garcia, got some of our creatives truely enthusiastic. Guide Ilona asks the right questions and easily gets the group into the right vibe.

We end at Nuria Güell’s ‘Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy’. Her work discusses the ways to trick European tax paying systems, using the money that’s released to support local projects. Admirable!

Coffee and thoughts

Our critical minds wide open and awake thanks to this exhibition and some really nice coffee and cake, we share some thoughts with Extra City’s experts and leave quite inspired. 

Go visit, you’ll be amazed by the art space and cristal clear explanation of the staff. All the exhibitions are free to visit. Go and make an artistic work your own, even if it seems less accessible. 

Nations in Liquidation, until December 16

Extra City :: Eikelstraat 29 :: 2600 Berchem


Text by Elke Verkimpen

Pics by Niko Caignie


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