D.A.T.E. 2.0: THE ANTWERP 13, PART 1

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From 14th to 17th of March, This Is Antwerp will host a four day bootcamp in our Belgian port city. Discover Antwerp Through Experience (D.A.T.E.) will investigate how creative entrepreneurs shape the city and the city shapes them. With D.A.T.E.Lab being the apotheoses of the week. This Is Antwerp looked for and found 13 participants (the Antwerp 13) to discover the city, its creative scene and meet their local counterparts. We asked our Locals to research the Antwerp 13, so we can introduce them to you. Starting today with Nana Hagel, Margot van der Krogt, Pawel Nolbert and Hagar Elazari.

Nana Hagel

Nana Hagel is a travel writer from Copenhagen. She’s specialized in storytelling and visual communication. She worked for some big brands such as Airbnb and Olympus and is always looking for new adventures to broaden her horizon. Photography is also one of her main interests and when you look at her instagram account you can see that she has the real photographers’ eye. I can’t decide which I like more, her writing or her pictures, so take a look at her online media and decide for yourself!

I'm sure Antwerp will mesmerize Nana. This city has a lot of spots to shoot the perfect pic or to write an excitatory blog about. If you're visiting the docks or Antwerp's trendy Zuid, chances are you'll find Nana there during her stay.

Margot van der Krogt

Reading more about Margot van der Krogt I kind of got the feeling she could be my double ganger from next door. She’s a world-traveler, she’s a copywriter, she likes artistic gadgets and she can bring a lot of creative minds together. When I read some of her blog posts, I felt envious of her gorgeous poetic language.This talented girl from The Netherlands is the founder of The Makers Amsterdam, which is an online platform for creative entrepreneurs from the city of Amsterdam. She is currently also the host for the Amsterdam chapter of Creative Mornings, which is a lecture series for the creative community. On top of all this, she also has her own website and freelances whenever someone has an interesting story that needs to be told.I truly hope she will be sitting close to me at the dinner table so we can exchange travel tips and that I can crawl through her mind in order to see where her creative ideas came from.

Pawel Nolbert

When I first visited his website, I was baffled by the talent of Pawel Nolbert.This Polish artist is based in Warsaw and has already worked for brands such as Google, Adobe,Nike, Polaroid and so on. Which is not surprising when you see his work. From interactive animation to branding, anything is possible for this graphical genius!

Hagar Elazari

Hagar Elazari is an Israeli industrial designer who specializes in light installations and luminous objects. She studied in Milan and has been exhibiting her work at the famous light festivals such as the one in Amsterdam and Jerusalem. She is currently trying to incorporate interactivity in her art so that the observer will play a role in her creations.Since Hagar is from my home country, I can’t really be objective in describing her talent, because I love everything Israeli. Nevertheless, I can tell you that she’s extremely creative. Her art installations have a sophisticated insight and thus must reveal that she is a clever person in the first place. I can’t wait to meet her.

If you like Hagar's or Pawel's work (and modern art in general) make sure you check out the M HKA, Antwerp's museum of modern art. The museum hosts different cool exhibitions. It's a true Shangri-La for lovers of modern art.

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D.A.T.E.Lab :: Cinema Zuid / FOMU :: 2000 Antwerp :: 14-17/03/2016


Text by Cleo Klapholz

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