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  • this is antwerp
  • this is antwerp

You’re in for quite the cocktail when you mix up some Daily Paper with a little Havana Club. Think of the taste of a tropical rum with a lime, sweet touch and translate that into an exclusive 8-piece clothing collection drenched in black and gold representing Cuba. Feeling thirsty yet?

The fashion mixologists

Dutch clothing label Daily Paper and rum brand Havana Club joined hands in the creation of a tasteful collaboration! An exclusive 8-piece capsule collection based on heritage and team spirit to celebrate the Cuban roots of Havana Club. With a strong focus on authenticity, cut and eclectic materials, Daily paper once again designed a collection that emphasizes the individuality and creativity of its wearer. Drenched in black and gold, these items – which are a T-shirt, a hoodie, a jacket, a belt, a scarf, a gilded hip flask and a unique designed bottle of Havana Club 7 Años - will make you feel pretty luxurious and very suave.

The cocktail party

The collaborating duo surely whetted our appetite at the equally exclusive release party the 26th of January serving us delicious Havana Club cocktails with a taste of what the collection is about: authenticity, tradition and eclecticism. The versatility of both brands reflected in the eclectic style of the attendees thus ensuring a tropical atmosphere in the garden house of Plein Publiek. Temperature rose as we got treated to the rhythmic flow and verses by Antwerp’s very own rapper Darrell Cole followed by a sultry surprise performance by the British soulful hip-hop singer IamDDB. Even the DJ sets by Danga and Chale made us thirst for the Belgian launch of the clothing line.

Let thy thirst be quenched

On January 28 our thirst was finally quenched with the official lounge of the capsule collection at MONAR in Antwerp. Each item of the collection is also available at the online store of Daily Paper. So, what do you say? Another Daily Paper on the rocks? Order yours at MONAR, Lombardenvest 61, 2000 Antwerp or online at www.dailypaperclothing.com.


Text by Laetitia Sabiti

Pics by Daniil Lavrovski


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