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Antwerpian entrepeneurs are getting creative to get you what you want and need.

You’ve seen it before, numerous articles on how to keep ourselves busy during a lockdown. Well, here is another one! It’s been two weeks now and we’re starting to really miss the vibrant Antwerp vibe. Luckily for all of us numerous entrepeneurs are providing us with ways to keep in touch with them, while socially distancing ourselves.


Antwerp is blessed with a few amazing, independent bookstores. They were ready to get creative and all started selling books (and more) online. It also pays off to check their social media pages, since all of them are sharing some interesting book tips. Did you know The Plague by Albert Camus has known an amazing increase in sales since the lockdown started?


This amazing store had only been open for a month when it had to make the tough decision to close its doors. Their beautiful interior is only to be admired through pictures for now, but they now bring a combination of books and wine to your doorstep.

You can order via e-mail ( and ask for tips if you’re not sure what your next book should be. Jorien, co-owner of the bookstore, is driving around Antwerp delivering books by bike or by step. Orders typically arrive within one or two days. Want a bottle of wine perfectly paired with your book? Jorien and Richard are only an e-mail away and will recommend you something delicious to match the mood of your next read. I wonder what wine goes well with reading The Plague.


Rather have a cup of coffee or delicious piece of homemade pie while you read? Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you can still pass by Buchbar for take-away and bookshopping. Here you can also order your books via mail: .

Their Instagram shows a lot of fine books they currently have in stock, so you can even go for some online window shopping!


The powerful team behind ‘t Stad Leest was preparing for a grand reopening in their new and huge store at Oudaan 18. The opening was planned for the first of may. So can everybody please keep their fingers crossed and stay away from each other? We are very much looking forward for their expansion and would like for it to proceed as planned.

They moved quickly and have a webshop up and running. They deliver books the same day (in Antwerp) as long as you order before 16h. This is made possible with the help of Fietsen De Geus, who offered their help by lending out electrical cargo bikes. Touching to see them all work together, isn’t it? (we’re not tearing up, you are!)


And NO, we don’t mean: invite all of your friends, ignore the rules and have an all night rager. There are plenty of ways to have a party at home, by yourself but without feeling lonely. Follow a live performance online and open up skype/zoom/google hangouts/houseparty to dance the night away with friends. If you prefer dancing alone in your underwear, please do but turn off your camera, we’re not here to judge but no one needs to see that.


Every Saturday night Bar Brul is hosting a dance party with a DJ set by Böky Bros. Tune in to their Facebook live stream from 21h to 22h and go wild!

Do you have something else to do Saturday night? (Really, what?) You can also enjoy their mixtape of last weeks party, one hour of guilty pleasures from the eighties right here.

Next up: the best hits from the years 00. See you at a virtual Bar Brul?


Famous nighlife church Ampère is also sharing the musical love online. Last weekend they shared back to back DJ sets online from 18h00 to 24H00, including a 2 hour set by Mind Against. This was streamed on their Facebook page and broadcasted on Radio FG. Keep an eye on their socials to see what the upcoming weekends will hold.


Social Di-stence made easy

Appareantly there are still a lot of people who find social distancing hard. It’s not easy to know how far 1,5m is exactly (it’s about two big steps, not sure? Take a third one). But especially for those without rulers on hand, this little design project is the very best way to learn!

Edmire Design created a ‘distancing aid’ that you can download, including a manual. Well thank you very much! It’s a stencil that you can print, cut out and use to spray/chalk up your sidewalk. Especially handy for retailers who want to create an easy way for their customers to stand in a WHO approved waiting line outside.


Can’t get enough of all this creativity? Studio Fluo normally hosts fun workshops with a twist, but gues what: they’re all cancelled. Boo corona! BUT they are now offering DIY packages at home. So you can get creative at home.

So get yourself that DIY Tie Dye kit, stay inside and hopefully we can all flaunt it together at the festivals?


You can also enjoy other peoples creativity, without getting your own hands dirty. Click here for a little guided tour through Stephan Vanfleteren’s early work.

I feel like the biggest idiot for thinking I had time to visit this exhibition. I can barely remember what people talked about pre corona, but I do have a distant memory of everybod I knew raving about this art exhibition. The above clip is comforting, but also makes me want to go see the full exhibition even more.

So let’s download some stencils, hold an inside raver and keep hoping this will all blow over so we can enjoy Antwerp to the fullest again.


Text by Hanne Van Looveren

Pic by This is Antwerp


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