Coffee bar in Antwerp #3:Me and My Monkey

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So you’re in Antwerp. Checking out the tourist stops. Wondering what's going on in the Cathedral (because you don’t want to pay to get in a church), you’ve seen the Groenplaats and Paters Vaetje doesn’t have any secrets for you anymore. You need some coffee. That’s for sure. The place to be? Me and My Monkey!

At the end of the Kloosterstraat and the beginning of the Hoogstraat, there’s a tiny coffee bar that serves coffee, cake and vinyl, the way it's supposed to be served. Order a Don Corleone and you won’t sleep until 2am. Order some Chocolate Cake and you don’t need diner. Listen to the music in the bar and take it home with you. Literally. All the music you hear in the bar is for sale. Old school records, new school artists, you name it and it’s there. And sometimes that's all you need, right? Music and coffee. In that order. 

Sure, Antwerp has a lot to offer. But a coffee bar that offers you vinyl, coffee and absolutely delicious cake, that’s another thing. And if you don’t like all of the above just visit the place solely for its name: Me and My Monkey. Do I need to say more?


Text by Tim Lubberdink
pic by Me and My Monkey