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Vague /veɪɡ/ [adjective]: of uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character or meaning.

Vague nights

The club scene in Antwerp has always been dynamic, with different clubs popping up every season. This fall we have a new crazy venue to go to. The Shop is a new place where three different clubs are located under one roof. Last weekend was the opening weekend of one of three clubs. Club Vaag is here to stay. An underground venue where you can go to celebrate their ‘Vage Nachten’.  (ed. Dutch for Vague nights) But they will also host external party concepts. An intimate atmosphere is created by being located the basement of the building.

Opening weekend

Both nights of the opening weekend were already fully packed, which is a great sign for this new place. They have a 21+ policy, which I felt is a very thoughtful thing. The actual club space is divided into two areas. When you enter the club after you have put your stuff away in the secured cloakroom you can go downstairs.  Once you are down in the basement you can immediately order your drink at the bar, located on the right side of the venue. I must say drinks are not very budget friendly. But then again we came to dance. The left side area is the dance floor, with a DJ-booth in the middle. When you’re down with quality techno music you’re definitely going to like this club! 

Suit up

Having a hard time to decide what to wear when you go out clubbing. No more worries! Club Vaag arranged a ton of crazy outfits for you to choose from. You can actually go to Club Vaag and change outfits once you're there. Cool idea! 


The concept of the club is developed by Feestgedruis and Sweet Trade. The first is a well-known event-organization responsible for a ton of wild parties in Antwerp On October 10 the other two clubs will be opened as well, so you know where to spend your weekends!


Club Vaag

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text by Maaike van Milt

Pics by Maaike van Milt and Club Vaag


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Maaike van Milt