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Fall is in town and you can feel Winter is peeking around the corner. Personally, I’m not really a fan either of both seasons. Luckily our city is always prepared to face these temperature changes. Because no matter what kind of outdoor activity you did during summer, you can easily replace them by indoor alternatives. Like going to a movie theater! I am especially very fond of independant indie-like small theaters reminding me of the rich cinema-history in Antwerp.

Back in the day we used to have more than 10 different movie theaters and people used to line up in the streets to get a ticket. Nowadays, we only have 4 left and they are so authentic that it’s a truly must see in A-town. So let me be your guide through this theatrical exploration through our city!

First stop : Filmhuis Klappei.

Filmhuis Klappei is one of the smallest movie theatres in town but also one of the cutest. It's located in an old police station. You can still visit its jail (find the bathroom). It’s within walking distance of the Antwerp Central Station. When you walk inside, you’ve got the feeling that you’ve been transported back into the past. Huge old school camcorders, original old movie posters, sofa’s with red cushions and an incredibly vintage courtyard. On top of all this greatness, you can even take your drinks inside the actual cinema room. What more can one want?

Filmhuis KlappeiKlappeistraat 2 :: 2060 Antwerpen

Second stop : De Roma

De Roma is a little bit further away from Antwerp Central Station than Filmhuis Klappei, but definitely worth a visit! It’s one of the grandest, most majestic spaces in our city and it’s just been renovated this summer to look  even more authentic (and also because it really needed an update to the 20th century). This was the movie theater were everyone’s grandma used to dance in the fifties and take the whole family out to see a movie on Sunday. So why not repeat this action and check out their film offer? Or for that matter check the whole De Roma-programme, I can tell you right now that you won’t be disappointed!

De RomaTurnhoutsebaan 329 :: 2140 Borgerhout

Third stop : Cinema Zuid

Cinema Zuid is actually part of our awesome photography museum (FOMU, check it out!) and I think that explains why the movies here are always true masterpieces. Every night the people of Cinema Zuid will exhibit a film that is part of genuine film history. Nevertheless, also new films are being showed here since young filmmakers have the opportunity to show their piece to the audience in this cinema.

Cinema ZuidWaalsekaai 47 :: 2000 Antwerpen

Fourth and last stop : Cinema Cartoon’s

Cinema Cartoon’s is located in the center of our city, just next to the city hall. And since it’s located in such a historic part, it’s not an oddity to say that the cinema itself is quite old. In 1978 they started showing films here and they haven’t stopped ever since. The cinema itself has, just like Filmhuis Klappei and the Roma, a very vintage feel to it. Once again you’re transported back in time! The movies in this cinema however are not historic at all. Most films are quite alternative and indie so if you’re into to that, Cartoon’s is definitly the place to be!

Cinema Cartoon'sKaasstraat 4-6 :: 2000 Antwerpen


Text by Cleo Klapholz

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