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I hope you’ve heard of éclairs before? If you haven’t: it’s a delicious pastry typically served on a Sunday at your grandmother’s house. You haven’t tasted one yet? Well luckily for you Antwerp just gained a new hotspot that is dedicated to this delicious pastry!

But at Chez Claire you won’t find the same typical éclair as your grandmother always serves on Sunday. Oh no, expect much more than that! Dries and Yuri, the brilliant minds behind this new place, are bringing the éclair to new heights with what they call haute éclairs. Dries and Yuri got their inspiration while strolling down the streets of Paris. And Antwerp is of course the greatest city in the world, but don’t we all love a Paris vibe now and then?

Now we wouldn’t be doing this blogging thing right if we didn’t go and have a taste for ourselves and we do like to be thorough. So we got our asses over to Chez Claire and ate as much éclairs as we could stuff our faces with. It’s called investigative journalism, look it up.

So tell me about those éclairs now, will you?

Let’s talk about the looks first, because as my grandmother used to say: you eat with your eyes! And oh boy, the éclairs at Chez Claire are a feast on the eyes. Every single éclair looks like a little piece of design, finished off with caramelized popcorn, crackling sugar or gold. Yes, we ate gold and it was amazing and it made me feel fabulous!

But looks can be deceiving right? That doesn’t go for the éclairs. Each éclair tastes even better than the last. They serve 13 different versions of the classic éclair, amongst which you’ll find pistachio, mango and passion fruit, salted caramel crisp and triple dark chocolate. And because haute éclairs are for everyone, they even offer a sugar, lactose and gluten free treat. There’s even a vegan version coming up. They really thought of everybody! Now isn’t that nice?

But beware all eternal doubters: you’ll catch yourself staring at all this deliciousness for a long time. If you really don’t know what to choose, you can always ask the lovely people behind the counter for some advice. They’ll be happy to guide you through the magical world of éclairs. Our personal favorites where the Cheesecake, Salted Caramel and ‘Neuzekes’ éclairs. The last one is made with a typical candy from Ghent and we were told it was one of the most popular flavors so far. Maybe an Antwerp version with ‘Antwerpse Handjes’ could be next?

All the éclairs we got to taste so far had three things in common: they were creamy, delicious and keep you wanting for more. My personal resolution: try each flavor at least once as soon as possible. Summer bodies are overrated anyway!

Can we get anything else than éclairs?

I think I’ve made it clear and, if not it’s also written in pink neon letters on the wall, Chez Claire is all about éclairs. Or wait! They also thought about the thirsty: Dries and Yuri offer you their home brand of cava ‘Cuvée Claire’. Just when you thought this place couldn’t get any fancier with their gold plated éclairs, they drop that bomb. If you rather keep it traditional, while eating your designer éclair, they also offer coffee and delicious lemonade.

If you’re not that into éclairs I don’t think we can be friends, but I would still suggest you bring a visit to this new hotspot. Even if it’s just to behold the beautiful, all pink but still cool AF interior of the place, courtesy of the famous design studio Pinkeye, also known for places like Hoeked, Manhattn’s, Savage and Wasbar.

So what are you waiting for? Go over to this pink, fancy, sweet heaven, eat your heart out and feast your eyes.

For more information, check, their Instagram account or the Facebook page.


Text by Hanne Van Looveren

Pics by Veronica Prokopenka


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