Ceci n'est pas une galerie

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  • Ceci n'est pas une galerie #thisisantwerp
  • Ceci n'est pas une galerie #thisisantwerp

Meet Ceci n’est pas une galerie: the travelling restaurant that reinvents itself at every location.

This nomadic hotspot is sweet and schizophrenic: it’s both an intimate dining place and a gallery. From Thursday to Saturday you can put your legs under a designer’s table in the evening for dinner. Sundays are reserved (as they should be) for a late brunch.


Limited editions

Places are limited: you and 11 others can fit in the unique locations. Ideal to keep it “cozy” and have a relaxed conversation with the other guests sitting in front of you. You’re also welcome to make reservations for private dinners if you can gather more than six friends. Keep a mental note for a not so ordinary evening out!


Food for the body

There’s no menu: just step in with an open mind & enjoy whatever’s cooking. We had an omelette wrapped in Moroccan bread, a puffy pancake (american style) with banana slices plus apple slices with cinnamon and whipped cream & a piece of apple crumble. Getting thirsty? There’s coffee, tea, orange juice or water to choose from.


Food for the soul

The lady of the house is a designer herself and with Ceci n’est pas une galerie she showcases her work and the work of fellow creatives in an unusual setting. The first place was a greenhouse at the Schelde: it felt like having breakfast in open air (quite unique in the middle of winter). The greenhouse was dressed with unique candle holders, lamps, chairs, tables, benches and coat hangers.


Once, twice, ...

Get ready for the next stop: as from the 7th of February, Ceci n’est pas une galerie will be hosted in a typical old Antwerpian manor house. The concept will slightly change (for example: photography will be added to the collection) and will continue to change in the future: every location offers different possibilities. So don’t forget to keep your ears & eyes open and place your reservations!


Ceci n’est pas une galerie: brunch + dinner & gallery

Check out the most recent location on Facebook

Reservations also via Facebook (direct message or on the wall).

Thursday - Saturday: Dinner (around 19h)

Sunday: Brunch (around 12h30)

Private reservations: from Monday - Wednesday

Dinner (3 courses) = € 35

Brunch / Breakfast (3 courses) = € 15