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Do you remember playing as a child, pretending to be anyone and anywhere? The improv acting crew Swaajp recreates this carefree fun on stage. For their English-spoken shows, this theatre posse invites pro improv actors from all over the world for a night to remember.

Who are Swaajp?

The Swaajp crew is a happy bunch of 20-somethings who obviously work hard on their versatile set of skills that includes dancing and singing. I admired their creativity and courage to entertain an audience without a script to fall back on - especially since I am more the type who feels that daily conversations already require too much improvisation.

Part 1: Guest actors take the stage

I went to see the Swaajp Invites show in November 2017, with the American-Israeli duo Tim Orr and Inbal Lori. They use photographs sent in by the audience as a starting point to come up with a story. If these two are an indication for the quality of all Swaajp’s invitees, then that quality is HIGH.

I was immediately charmed by their first story of an old woman being persuaded to do a dance recital at her nursing home. The next story was my favourite though: a drunk man "doing his wife a favour" by throwing her out of the canoe was wildly hilarious.

Part 2: Swaajp in action

The laughing went on in the second part of the show, when Orr and Lori were joined by the Swaajp actors. There was a great dynamic on stage between the experienced actors and the young talents, who seemed to be learning and acting at the same time. I loved picking up on the subtle tricks to make the improvised dialogues run smoothly. The play ended almost like Monty Python’s Life of Brian, with all the actors bursting into song.

Go see for yourself

If you are into (improv) theatre, checking the Swaajp calendar for an English-speaking show during your visit to Antwerp is a must. And if you, like me, just want to explore something new: you are guaranteed to have a joyful night in a laid-back atmosphere.

For more information and the next edition of Swaajp Invites (on 20 January 2018 with actress Hila Di Castro), check



Text by Tine Van den Poel De Clippeleire

Pics by SWAAJP


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this is antwerp


this is antwerp

Tine Van den Poel De Clippeleire

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