Cafe Kamyon 2.0

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Good news for people craving new summer hotspots this year. Cafe Kamyon, the cosy bar with its staggeringly beautiful view on the river Scheldt, will be re-opening this summer, after a 2-year hiatus.

This year as well, there will be a theater company performing a play.

Until the 8th of August, Companie Marius will provide an adaptation of the classic 1865 novel ‘Our Mutual Friend’ by Charles Dickens.

For this reason the capacity of the function will be much bigger than last time and will be extended from 40 people to 250. The outside bar will also be bigger and covered in to counter potential heatwaves and rainshowers.

Cafe Kamyon will be open from Friday to Thursday from 6 PM and throughout the week for visitors of the theater.

The party starts this Saturday, 8th of July, with an openingbash including music provided by Dj’s Duifke, Gregor Terror and Diva.

For people who want to cure their hangover with a delicious brunch catered by Fika the next morning: reservations can be made through

More Cafe Kamyon?

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Text and pics by James Vansweevelt


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