Café Korsakov Opening Tonight!

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  • Opening Café Korsakov #thisisantwerp

Naming your café after a Russian neuropsychiatrist is basically not a smart thing. But if said that this fellow is the Russian who gave his name to a disease that links alcohol abuse with problems to the brain, things look more promising. Especially considering the main symptoms for Korsakov disease are: amnesia, confabulation, lack of insight and apathy. Ever since the departure of the previous pub Bato Batu this area kind of lacked something substantial. Let’s hope Café Korsakov delivers and becomes the fulcrum-to-be of Het Mechelse Plein so things look prosperous again for this part of town renowned for beer and sheer fun far beyond the wee small hours of the morning… Café Korsakov opens January 20th!

More info check here.