Bouger Bouger: a special kind of flea marktet

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The winter is finally past and the spring is definitely coming to Antwerp, together with a big outdoor event with flea market and its eco&recycling spirit. This is already the third spring year edition and happening at Krugerplein hosted by Bazar Bazal & Bar Leon.  After my very pleasant talk with smiling authors of this  project, Natalie (Bazar Bazal) and Bert (Bar Leon), let me show you a small piece of our interview.  

Can you tell us something about the concept? How did it start? Why Bouger Bouger? Why Bazar Bazal?

N/B: We just bumped into each other :-) We talked and accidentally found out we have a similar vision, which is to create a platform for people, bring them together and give them a space to come and present whatever they want.We want them to bring their 'live feed' items as pictures, books stored in the boxes, all those beautiful clothes and other items in the spirit of 'one man's trash is another man's treasure', beside all of the homemade products as well. Especially these spring editions should be oriented more on organic items as interior/exterior plants, vegetables…And the name ‘Bouger Bouger’ is because of the nice movement in the neighborhood, we like to think 'Borgerhout, ça bouge'…

N: ‘Bazar Bazal’ came from my wish to combine something old and something new at the same time, flea markets and recycling combined with the idea of going back to a basic needs, means having more time to enjoy other people, to learn more self-sufficiency (basal metabolism, or something like that).


Is there a difference between this and previous editions? More excited people? Any exceptional stands with a special goods?

N/B: Year by year we have more and more participants, that means more creative people with a lot of surprising items. We can expect lot of homemade eatable products as jams and syrups, clothes and jewelry. There is also a girl promoting local bands and selling their cds/vinyls and other products.  Another speciality of this spring edition is for instance plant swap by Ecohuis.


How does it work with ‘plant swap?

N/B: With cooperation of the Ecohuis Antwerp we will provide some plants, which people can easily exchange for their spare ones from home. You come and hand in the plants you would like to swap, put them on the table and get tickets to pick other plants on the table instead of the one you brought in. A warm welcome to all cacti, seedlings, and others that you would like to give another home!


What can people expect beside all of that fun? Food, Drinks, Music?

N/B: Les Odettes are preparing veggie and funny food, like a big salad bowl and a mason jar version of noodle soup to eat on a blanket in the grass. Drinks are available in Bar Leon. Echo Beaty has a concert on the terrace, and there is a dj in Bar Leon.


Being eco and to recycle plays a big part in this session (second hand clothing, plant swapping, homemade products…)

But what does eco mean in your everyday life?

N: I try my best to be self-sufficient as much as I can, having my own vegetable and herbal garden, making homemade shampoos and scrubs, but of course in case of transport it is not always that easy.

B: Although I like the idea, I am still happy user of my car J, but I have a garden as well!


Do you like nuts? 

N/B: We love them! All of them! J

N: Especially pecan nuts! I also used to cook a lot with nuts.

B: Mmmmm roasted salty almonds…


Any special message?

N/B: Veni vidi picknick. Just come and join us.


Text by Lucia.