BOUGE B 2014

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  • Bouge B #thisisantwerp
  • Bouge B #thisisantwerp

The international Arts Campus deSingel organized theseventh edition of Bouge B, an international dance and performance festival. Choreographers, dancers, performers and their fans from all over the globe came together to experience the ever changing dance and performance culture.

I would not call myself an expert in dance performance at all, but I am always for new experiences and went with an open mind. I took a friend who is much more into the art scene than me to accompany me at Bouge B.

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There is a name for it

The first performance ‘There is a name for it’ by Judith Sánchez Ruíz and Edivaldo Ernestocould not really convince me. 

Both dancers were no doubt talented, hardworking and passionate performers, but for me the overall feeling didn’t quite fit. I was looking for some sort of tension between the two dancers, but I couldn’t really feel what they were trying to tell. The whole performance was a bit monotone to me and neither music nor lighting were really contributing to the overall experience.



Twerk, on the other hand, a choreography by Cecilio Bengolea and François Chaignaud was exuberant, decadent over-the-top smashing party with dancers of absolute high standard.

After an introduction of spinning at least a 1000 rounds, deep respect for the dancers’ sense of balance and the strength of their stomachs, the party gradually grew to an absolute climax, including dancers eating lollipops.


The crazy dance moves and vibrant energy of the dancers almost made me want to get on that stage and dance along. Only to realize two minutes later that I would look like and absolute fool next to these perfectly controlled bodies.

The atmosphere of a party scene was intensified by the special lighting effects and the presence of a live DJ duo, mixing up some drum 'n bass, jungle, dubstep, reggae,… .The different characters were clearly defined by their eccentric outfits and extravagant hairdos, which changed a few times during the performance.

For a moment you might have thought that it looked like a regular old dance party, but the next minute the dancers blew you away with their overwhelming performance. The dance party evolved from individual dancers each doing their thing, to a group of dancers moving together in close harmony. Each movement, each step was well timed and perfectly controlled. The sexual tension became bigger and more intense which each movement to explode in an exuberant composition which was almost too much to behold.

The only remark I could make, was that the music was really too loud and at times a bit painful to the eardrums.

I was enchanted, from the beginning until the end. I even caught myself staring with my mouth open, constantly wondering where they would take me and how this party would end. And yes, it ended in a perfectly coordinated, graceful orgy. Never a dull moment!


Stefan Jakiela

For closure we also took a peek at the video installation of Stefan Jakiela. A very beautiful film where all movement, dancers, objects and colors were in perfect harmony. A peaceful way to end the evening. 


This is Antwerp.


BOUGE B 2014

Bouge B #thisisantwerp