BOUGE B 2014

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  • Bouge B #thisisantwerp
  • Bouge B #thisisantwerp
 One month from now deSingel will be turned into a huge dance scene. The seventh edition of Bouge B is hosting  performing artists from Morocco, Cuba, Mozambique, Argentina, France, the United States, Croatia and Australia who will be occupying the stages to show you what today's contemporary dance could be.

BOUGE B has for seven years now been a must for anyone who likes to make discoveries in a constantly evolving dance scene. In the course of this dance and performance festival deSingel shall be keeping a finger on the pulse. They set great store by Belgian premieres and pioneering creators so that you are the first to see them. You can see several performances in various rooms in the course of a single evening.   In this year's BOUGE B, festivity and ritual come to the fore. You see dance and movement as sensory, rhythmic and emotional forces. You are carried off to unusual worlds and aesthetics.   Pictures Bouge B: More information:    

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