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I can't stress enough how much I love Born in Antwerp. There's so much creativity in Antwerp and this summer, the Born in Antwerp HQ is the place to be. Probably the best thing about Born in Antwerp (BIA) is that what they offer, is accessible to everyone. Plus: they have a bar!

Like the entire BIA HQ, the bar is a collaboration between Jef Meyer and Joris Goorden.

I had a little talk with Anke and Gregory, the managers of the BIA Bar. This awesome duo knows how to manage a pop-up bar, since they also worked on previous projects like Antwerp's Zomerbar and Wintervuur.

Local brews

Because BIA puts all things Antwerp in the spotlight, Anke and Gregory selected a range of Antwerp specialty beers and other local drinks. A Blonde Stoot ("blonde bombshell"), Stout Mokke ("naughty gal"), Wapper and Kamil will surely quench your thirst this summer.

The BIA Bar also works with Viggo's, which provides the bar with drinks like Club-Mate and Fritz-Kola.

A perfect hang-out

The bar has amazing features: a huge terrace overlooking the water, plenty of seating inside, free Wi-Fi and wood stoves in case the temperature drops.

The background music suits the creative vibe of the place. Anke told me that Gregory and the bar manager, Charlotte, are both deejays. Gregory even has his own Antwerp party concept, called Abondance, providing nightcrawlers with super danceable music!

Whenever there's a BIA event, the bar is buzzing. Especially when there are markets on Sundays. During the week you can easily go work there with your laptop or have a meeting. Be inspired and go see for yourself!


Text and pics by Vincent Van Reusel


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