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As you could read last year on This Is Antwerp, the first edition of Borgerwood Festival didn't go exactly as planned. Mother Nature can be grueling and so she sent a full blown storm over the site of Park Spoor Oost around this time last year. Organizers Bert & Bertrand (masterminds behind current hotspot A-Tower) put together a benefit party to lessen the financial blow of a pretty much drowned out festival and now they're back! And praying to the weather gods we can imagine.


Borgerwood is an innovative two-day music festival in the heart of Borgerhout, Antwerp. The daytime festival will take place-to-be Park East Rail (Park Spoor Oost) to new levels. Afterwards night owls can get their early AM fix at the nearby venue TRIX, twice. Be prepared for an eclectic mix of genres, DJ's and performers. From the contemporary R&B goddess performance of Tsar B on Friday to an electro DJ set by Fred Nasen on Saturday afternoon. Check the full list of performers and DJ sets here.

Furthermore, you can expect the festival to be dressed to the nines with the overall wooden design, courtesy of woodpeckers Kasper Smets and Frederic Marnef. There'll be foodtrucks serving you the latest culinary trends and of course, the beers and/or cocktails are probably already waiting for you, chilled, at this very moment.

Let the sunshine in

So with all of that sweet stuff taken care off already, the only other thing we can hope for is that the sun keeps on shining bright like it has been over the past couple of days in our diamond city. Don't forget your sunscreen! Make sure to catch an all-inclusive ticket if you can and move to the sound of your own drum this weekend at Borgerwood Festival, the second edition. Which, keep on crossing those fingers, will not see a drop of rain. If it does, just put on that poncho and go with it anyway. You wouldn't want to miss this now would you?

More Borgerwood?

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Text and pics by Laurent James


Borgerwood – The Rainy Report




Laurent James