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This Saturday Bomb O Matic celebrates its 10th anniversary in Petrol Club.

To get you all warmed up for the big party, we already had a chat with organizers Raf Van Brusselen , Ewout Moorkens, Robbe Van Bogaert, Michael Van Den Brande and David Gorez about the evolution of the techno scene in Antwerp and the growing process of their baby called Bomb O Matic.

The beginning

It all started back in 2004, when Bomb O Matic was born in Bar Napoleon. The headliner at the time was Marius, one of the residents at Café d'Anvers. This first edition was actually more of a house event. 

Bomb O Matic took its first steps into the underground world, choosing illegal locations as venue. "It certainly had its charm . International headliners were only announced once you had entered. This quickly led to a kind of hype, with filled halls as a result. " 

Bomb O Matic grew quickly and became a real attraction to electronic music lovers. This required some necessary logistical changes. " We then moved to ‘De Spiegeltent’ at Noordkasteel to be able to receive a bigger amount of guests. We also had an edition in the old Customs Building . This were all magic locations, which in itself created a special atmosphere for the event. "

“In the Customs Building we had a memorable edition. We booked Blake Baxter. We picked him up at the airport in Brussels. During our drive, all the way to Antwerp , he didn’t say a word . We thought something was wrong . Once arrived , he stepped up to the turntables and he let things literally explode . That was a moment I will always remember.”


10the edition

Bomb O Matic grew bigger in an evolving techno scene. Names like Cristian Voge , Neil Landstrumm, Ceephax Acid Crew, Adam X, Milanese and many others from that particular scene made Bomb O Matic into the event that it is today. “Additionally, we always find it very important to mix these international headliners with some homegrown talent.” 

This weekend Bomb O Matic will celebrate its 10th anniversary with another legendary lineup. Mark Broom has been on the organizers’ wish list for a long time, so as a birthday present to Bomb O Matic, they had to book him.  Also DJ T -1000 aka Alan Oldham will be present on Saturday. And of course there is a mix of young talent and Belgian oldies ! 

The birthday line up of Bomb O Matic is impressive. Dualit is the young newbie in the line up. This German duo is fairly unknown, but they worked together with Dave Clarke already. The well established Paul Chambers will drop a solid live set. Sin-R, who used to play at Bassment in Motion, has an impressive vinyl collection. He plays an old school set with acid influence. Twieq!, Umlaut, Twizters and Moore vs. DBXL complete the line up.


Want to join?

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