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Antwerp is one of the most important harbours in Europe. Harbour means a wide river, which in turn means there is a left bank and a right bank. Up until now we have only explored the right bank. Rightfully so you might say, isn’t the Left Bank mainly a residential area?


Not anymore. Last April this forgotten side of Antwerp gained some notoriety through the Biodroom.    In general, Biodroom is a communal garden where you can plant and harvest all kinds of vegetables. But it has a mission, for the Left bank is known for its tall buildings surrounded by green pastures. But no one actually spends time at gardening. Biodroom strives to become a meeting place where people can exchange their ideas on cultivating this or that vegetable and get inspired to actively plough the soil with their bare hands and grow something themselves.

Food, drinks & concerts

But no life without art and music of course. So Biodroom organises concerts, invites artists to create something with natural products. They will organise workshops appropriate for all ages. There is a small bio bar where you can enjoy a drink, eat something. A great place for leisure, a greet meeting point.

Every Thursday local musician Elko Blijweert invites some friends for a intimidate concert. Up until now we’ve seen Roland, Mauro, Rudy Trouvé and The Partchez. Following weeks we welcome The Valerie Solanas (21/06) and Star Club West (28/06).

The artists in residence for July will be Wietse Vermeulen, Hans Luyten and Sarah Dykmans.

Every Wednesday during the summertime you can join the ‘volkskeuken’. It’s a communal thing where you bring along your meat or fish and BBQ it together with other people. After the meal you can enjoy some comedy or music. More information on all these activities, click here.

How to get there

Biodroom is located in Willem Gijsselsstraat   You can reach Biodroom with the subway (tram 2, 3, 5 or 15 direction Linkeroever, stop Halewijn – Walk for another couple of minutes into the Halewijnlaan, take first street left). Biodroom runs until the end of September.