Back 2 Basics: official Tomorrowland afterparty at Magiq Spiegeltent

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  • official Tomorrowland afterparty #thisisantwerp
  • official Tomorrowland afterparty #thisisantwerp

Even if you  -like me-  aren’t really into trance music in general, it’s still worth to go to one of the Back to Basics parties, which is what I did this weekend.

The organization was responsible for organizing the Psytrance stage at Tomorrowland and they thought it would be a good idea to host an official after party at theSpiegeltent. You know, for those die-hard party people who could just not get enough of those mesmerizing beats and decoration. And my oh my was I happy that they did.

The Magiq Spiegeltent is a perfect location for sultry summer night parties. As soon as you enter the clearing where they put  up this “the wooden wonder” every summer; you get the feeling of being somewhere far from the center of town –even though it’s only a 15-minute bike ride away from the Cathedral. The inside of the bar has a kind of old-world feel, which combined with contemporary music is the perfect recipe for uninhibited festivities.


Urban fairytale

I must say that I don’t know all that much about psytrance DJs and the names of the artists left a lot to the imagination: from Skazi, to Yahel, to Talamasca to Vibe Tribe, these were definitely not your everyday band names.  Put these together with the typical fluorescent decorations and animations that were displayed on big screens behind the DJs, I thought I had arrived at the scene of some urban fairytale.

As opposed to pounding techno music, Full-on Goa (as the insiders call it) provided me with a chance to bounce around to a faster beat while at the same time enjoying the higher pitches and complicated melodies that were interwoven into the bass lines. Before I knew it I had been dancing my ass off for 4 hours with barely time to catch a breath.

Eccentric crowd

When I did catch a breath the outside was perfect to wind down for a second and enjoy the fresh nighttime air and a conversation with friends. If you’ve never been to a goa party the people that are there show to be an eccentric crowd with very specific clothing that one does not often see outside a fairytale forest. Smiles are the dominant feature on people’s faces and everyone is always there to help you or entertain you. Even when you don’t ask them too (I made the“mistake” of sitting down by myself for a second and was instantly entertained by a group of people who thought I had lost my friends or was down in the dumps).


Just like every other musical genre and their aficionados, goa walks by the beat of its own drum, but what a beat it is to walk to! I will definitely be doing more of their parties in the future, as it’s nice for even the most level-headed people (as I like to see myself) to wonder in a fairytale musical wonderland sometimes.


text by Joke Gedraaid
pics by Spiegeltent Magiq and Joke Gedraaid


Joke Tourné

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