Atelier Solarshop

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  • atelier solarshop #thisisantwerp

Meet Atelier Solarshop: the heartwarming little shop where you can find vintage furniture & objects mixed with young designer’s work.

Back in the days there used to be a shop for solar panels at this exact location (what’s in a name :)). Now it’s a spot to find that little bit of extra to spark up your home or wardrobe. Step in once, and you’ll find yourself excited the next time you plan on going (even before you’re actually in the shop) thinking about what kind of loveliness you’ll take with you this time.


Here to stay

Atelier Solarshop has been around since 2008 but only recently opened its doors every week (instead of only on pop-up occasions). Everything you see is hand selected by the passionate owners: things to wear, vintage furniture and accessories ... it all blends in perfectly together. You’ll probably want to take the whole shop with you or just stay and live in it.


Vintage for everyone

The word “vintage” usually has the connotation to be something you want to have but is too expensive to buy. Well, that’s not the case here: you can find something unique for every budget or occasion which makes the shop a good spot for “treasure hunters” who like the feeling of having a one of a kind item in their hands.


Atelier Solarshop

Dambruggestraat 48, 2060 Antwerpen

Open Wednesday - Saturday (12h-18h30)

Velo station 032 - Permeke or 001 - Centraal Station - Astrid

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Text by Laura.

Pictures by Laura.