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Park Spoor Noord is a rather new park (opened in 2009) but has rapidly become a favourite with the locals. The park has brought a lot to the neighbourhood, like much needed open space, trees and grass and a place for kids to play and adults to relax. The park has a few facilities like build-in bbqs, a skate ramp, a bar , a sheltered area (where the host a lot of flea markets) and a few sport fields. The best part is probably the water feature in front of Cargo Zomerbar. When the sun is shining, the water is filled with people (mostly kids though).

Cargo Zomerbar

The bar opened (as in re-opened; it closes during the winter period) this year at the end of March. It really is a great place to meet friends, have dinner and drink a cocktail. Even though it's a sheltered location you are basically sitting outside which is great when the weather allows it but do bring a sweater if you're going at night! Fans of live music and soccer will also not be disappointed : check the event calendar to see when the bands are playing or when they are screening a big match!


Although the park has a lot to offer and you can enjoy a good meal at Cargo, sometimes you just want to go someplace a bit more quiet and that's where Damplein comes in. This square on the outside of the park has a couple a very popular places! De caravan is probably the most well known and are very popular for their hangover breakfast and their picnic baskets. ZUM also has a great menu and is right across from De Caravan while Zeppelin  is more of a bar (yes, beer!) than a restaurant but you can get a few snacks. This square has a great vibe, totally worth a visit!



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