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A list of things to do.... Approved by Caia

1. DJ Shadow


… And the party continues in Trix with the legendary DJ Shadow. Ever since his 1996 debut Endtroducing, this Californian DJ mixes instrumental samples into dramatic hip-hop style sets and even fills in some drum ’n bass samples here and there. A must-see for every music fanatic out there.


March 4th – Trix – Noordersingel 28-30, 2140 Antwerp


2. The Syrian Cry


The Syrian Cry started as a protest song based on the neverending and senseless violence happening in Syria. Bird That Changes Colour’s frontman Koen Kohlbacher gathered some like-minded musicians to record the song, including members of Fence and Bed Rugs. The song is available on iTunes and all of it’s profits go directly to a hospital in Aleppo.

And so The Syrian Cry grew into a huge project in which other artists showed interest in too. This tuesday, all three bands will play a live set with the same purpose: collect money for the benefit of Syria.

Special guests: Tim Vanhamel, Mauro Pawlowski, Pascal Deweze, Marco Z , and many more.

March 5th – Bourla – Komedieplaats 18, 2000 Antwerpen


3. Mr. Nobody

Den Eglantier

Every first wednesday of the month, it’s movie time at Den Eglantier. Next up is Mr. Nobody, a film telling the story of 118 year old Nemo Nobody.

March 6th – Den Eglantier – Zillebekelaan 6A, 2600 Antwerp


4. Bed Rugs - Album release

’t Kievitsnest

‘New Album? Let’s throw a party!’ is what record label Waste My Records thought when Bed Rugs confirmed their new album. So go check ‘em out for free and enjoy yourselves whilst dancing on DJ Makatraxxx’s beats.

March 7th – ’t Kievitsnest – Provinciestraat 12, 2018 Antwerp


5. Rokkenjacht – Kobalt

Den Eglantier

Kobalt is an Antwerp-based indierock band that needs your voice next friday! Challenged by three other talented bands, Kobalt will fight for a spot on the Rock Berchem line-up. Entrance? Free!

March 8th – Den Eglantier – Zillebekelaan 6A, 2600 Antwerp



Text by Caia.