Antwerp Urban Trail (1): meet our mystery runner

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  • Antwerp Urban Trail 2015 #thisisantwerp
  • Antwerp Urban Trail 2015 #thisisantwerp
  • Antwerp Urban Trail 2015 #thisisantwerp

What a way to discover Antwerp! Meet the CittA Antwerp Urban Trail: a 12 km running trail through the city and – for this 3rd edition – underneath it. Yes, on the 15th of March you can actually run through a subway tunnel! No panic: the subway line is not (yet) in use.

The actual Antwerp Urban Trail

Antwerp Urban Trail is gradually uncovering the trail on its Facebook page. So far we know that, besides the subway tunnel, the 10.000 participants will be able to run through the magnificent marble hall of the District House of Borgerhout and the beautiful Antwerp Central Station. Not bad, huh?

Obviously This Is Antwerp wanted to be a part of this awesome event. We looked amongst our team mates and found a dude who was up for the challenge and wasn’t too busy drinking slow coffee.

This Is Antwerp Mystery Runner

May we present to you: our mystery runner.

Yes, we won’t give away his name or face, but we will follow him and track his every move. But before he runs away, let’s check if he has both feet on the ground.

TIA: “Mystery Runner, are you ready to run 12km through tunnels, through monuments, on stairs and on Antwerp’s cute but tricky cobblestones?”

Mystery runner:“I’m pretty competitive, yet I hate running but love the endorphins. So once I subscribed for the Urban Trail, purely out of competitive reasons, I already regretted the training that comes with it (laughs). I’m physically in decent shape but still 12km of running isn’t a walk in the park. So I’m slowly building up. First 4 km tours, then on to the 5 km ones and so on.”

TIA:“Where are you planning to train for the trail?”

Mystery runner:“Usually I’ll be running in one of Antwerp’s parks. The beautiful Rivierenhof and the charming Boekenbergpark are the ones closest to my house and thanks to the never ending Antwerp running vibe, I’m always surrounded by other sports enthusiasts.”

TIA:“Some runners look like superheroes with their high-tech gear and the latest gadgets. What are your thoughts on that?”

Mystery runner:“My running gear consists out of all the things that were still lying around. The shoes I once bought during the Olympics (great motivation by the way), the shirt I found at half price and the shorts none of my housemates claim is theirs. No fancy running watches. No apps and shakes. Just old school running. So if I do run a bad time, I can blame it on the gear. (laughs)

Good News // Bad News

Unfortunately Citta Antwerp Urban Trail was sold out faster than you can say blueberry pancake. So they can't welcome any more athletes. Luckily for you we have 4 free tickets to give away!

In the coming 2 weeks This Is Antwerp will unleash some teasing info upon you about the preparations of the Antwerp Urban Trail and our mystery runner, so follow our Facebook and Twitterpage to make a chance on winning your free ticket!


Text by Vincent Van Reusel -

Pics by Citta Antwerp Urban Trail and Vincent Van Reusel -


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