Antwerp summervibes: Zomerbar ’t Zuid

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Okay, so you’re on holiday in Antwerp and looking for something to do. The sun is shining, it’s quite hot and you’re not that person who wants to hip and hop from the H&M to the Zara. Where to go…where to go…

The Zomerbar at ‘t Zuid! Entering this place directly gets you in the right mood. Sand touching your flipflops, colourful lights everywhere and a cold beer in your hand. Does that sounds like summer to you? It sure does to me!

Tired of walking through the city of Antwerp? Climb into a hammock at the Zomerbar and within an hour you’ve got enough energy again to go out all night. Just looking for a place to hang with your friends? The Zomerbar is where you need to be. Put some deck chairs in a circle and just enjoy your evening. Including your bolleke (a beer) of course.

Still not convinced to go there? Then maybe you should go just for the food. It’s good, fresh, biological and last but not least: affordable! You get a big plate with mussels for just € 9,-! Come on, you Dutch guys! Let’s go for it!

So: see you at the Zomerbar. Enjoy!


Text by Tim.