Antwerp Pride: the preview

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From Monday August 3rd until Sunday August 9th, Antwerp will transform into one big, vibrant rainbow. It’s Antwerp Pride again and you’ll know it! This is Antwerp sends two locals to check it out and report to you. Vincent, member of the LGBT community, will take Ikram under his wing. 


Love is a subject that has been a main theme in so many cultural works. Shakespeare wrote about it, the Backstreet Boys sang about it, a gazillion movies were made about it, Game of Thrones made us believe in it, to then completely crush it (seriously, bring back Jon Snow), etc.

I myself am a big fan of matters of the heart. It intrigues me, because in a society like ours most actions and decisions are made in a most calculative way, but when it comes to matters of the heart, our brain goes full–on into pudding-mode (unless you’re a cylon, then this doesn’t apply to you).

To try and understand love, is to try and understand all of the different ways it is experienced in society. This is probably the main reason why I’m so excited to join in on the Antwerp Pride celebrations. Antwerp seems to be the perfect place to celebrate such a pride because it shows the diversity that lives in our much adored city. I would like to believe that Antwerp is an openminded and accepting city. 

Being a straight girl, I don’t have a very profound knowledge of the LGBTQ community. But as periods say after a 10-day long pregnancy scare: better late than never. And i’m very confident that Vincent & Jonas are the perfect fellas to guide me through this somewhat new experience. Needless to say I’m a sucker for doing things far beyond my comfort zone.  


Last year’s Antwerp Pride Week was a total blast. I am so glad I can show Ikram around this year. It might be a little bit out of her comfort zone at first, but since she’s such a fun and open person, I’m sure it will be an unforgettable experience. I expect this year’s edition to be really good, because the program is more diverse than ever.

The opening party at Draakplaats is traditionally a gathering of all gender types and sexual preferences, ages and social backgrounds. It’s truly a celebration of being who you are and loving each other’s diversity. This year the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival has its second edition. I’m confident they’ll come up with all the right questions while entertaining us at the same time. There is one new event I’m already totally psyched about: Roof of Love. It’s going to be a huge free party where pop meets underground. My friends from M∅N∅T∅N will have their DJ set and I know from experience that they can get a crowd going. Then we have Saturday with the Pride Parade and Wave Festival. It’s a pure celebration of being who you are and accepting one another. Love is the only norm. By then I’m sure Ikram will have the same bitter-sweet feeling as I on Sunday, with the closing event in front of the town hall.


Text by Ikram Annouri and Vincent Van Reusel

Pics by Vincent Van Reusel


Queer Arts Exposition (Gay Pride)


Gay Pride Parade


Roof of Love (Gay Pride)