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Antwerp nightlife is currently booming harder than ever before and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. One of it’s heavy backers is Bert Vanlommel (A-Tower, Klub Goud, SPEK, Borgerwood, NOORD…) who has teamed up with Kurious’ Jochem Peeters and Lennert & Antoine (Klub Vaag) for a new kind of club night you can’t possibly resist. With ‘Full Circle’, Bert and Jochem present you four of Antwerp’s leading and cutting edge nightclubs, all open on the same night with full access to each club with just one ticket all night long.


Antwerp is a major creative hub with a heart for the underground and it’s nightlife scene has been enjoying the same reputation as of late. With Full Circle Bert and co. want that message not just to be written down (on a lovely blog such as this one) but felt instead. They got 4 top notch clubs aboard and curated a very fine line-up of DJ’s specific to each club and the kind of vibe they’ll represent this Friday. So get your best outfit out of the closet and prepare to hop from club to club, as we break down what you can expect at each individual venue:


21 Simonsstraat, 2018 Antwerpen

Category: Fresh Urban Cuts / R&B Good Good

At Ampere, located underneath Antwerp’s Central Station railroads, Faisal and Lefto will take turns moving the crowd. Faisal currently reigns as Belgium’s #1 DJ, as voted by the public at last year’s Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. Take it from us, that title is fully deserved and not exaggerated in the slightest. Faisal is the type of DJ who gets booked for a two hour set and gets the crowd so hype, party promoters just let him play for another two hours. He excels at both track selection and technical expertise. Your dutiful This Is Antwerp reporter caught his umpteenth Faisal set just the other day, where yet again, the crowd went so wild, Faisal was encouraged by the club owner to exceed his set time. In combination with Lefto, they call each other brother by the way, Faisal is sure to bring the heat to his new hometown. Lefto needs no introduction either, with pretty much every club and festival in Belgium on his resumé, impressive international tour dates and an 18 year old running show on leading Belgian radio station Studio Brussels. Lefto sets can be best described as “completely insane” with back to back jaw dropping, hip thrusting moments. He won that same Best DJ RBEA award Faisal did a couple of years ago too by the way. Believe us, the passengers on the trains running above Ampere, will feel this party happening down below. Already off the hook!


2 Rijnkaai, 2000 Antwerpen

Category: Genre Defying

The newly opened but already acclaimed Bar Helder will enjoy the presence of Hush Hefner and Konna. Hush Hefner is one of the masterminds behind Contrair, another Antwerp nightlife staple (even though it’s a pop-up club, located right next to Bar Helder & Club Vaag) and resident/host of the infamous sweaty Hush Hush R&B club nights. But make no mistake here, despite his loved R&B sets from parties like Hush Hush, Hefner takes no prisoners when it comes to the genres he takes on. You’ll be dancing your heart out to a disco classic one minute and before you know it, Hush has switched it up and you’ll find yourself bopping to a house track. Same can be said for Konna, who’ll take you from Italo disco to garage in a heartbeat. Both guys have shared decks with some of the biggest names in music and played at major Belgian festivals, clubs and have gone beyond Belgiums’ borders with sets all over the place. Long story short, leave your genre expectations at home and just get to Bar Helder with an open mind and shoes that can take a little damage. There is no genre limit here but a definite guarantee you’re in for fine sets by both gentlemen that’ll have you dancing like there’s no tomorrow.


15 Verversrui, 2000 Antwerpen

Category: Techno

Café d’Anvers is arguably Antwerp’s most legendary club and it’s main act on Friday is perhaps Belgium’s currently most in-demand export product, techno revelation Amelie Lens. She is so insanely booked all over the globe we’re sure she lists Belgium’s national airport as her address whenever she’s asked. Lens is known for her impeccably timed and super-tense techno climaxes that have crowds begging for more. Her original track ‘Exhale’, despite being taken from her debut EP, is already a cult cut within it’s genre. Connoisseurs can pick out an Amelie Lens set or track out of a line-up instantly, all thanks to her distinctive track selection and own productions. She’s assisted by Farrago and Pierre on Friday and it doesn’t hurt Cafe D’Anvers is equipped with huge fans hanging over the dance floor. You’ll be needing that cooling down as Amelie and friends take you on a total trip all night long. One for the lovers of the genre or those ready for something new, this is Belgian techno’s best.


4 Rijnkaai, 2000 Antwerpen

Category: House

Alphabetically last in this list but definitely not the least is Club Vaag which has programmed Nico Morano all night long. Morano describes himself as a “lover of deep, emotional and melodic house” and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting as you descend the staircase down to Club Vaag. Nico started 13 years ago and is now one of the most in-demand Belgian DJ’s with over 100 bookings each year and a very loyal fanbase that follows him around. He's put out EP's and remixes on respected labels such as Atmosphere Records, Karera, Love Matters and Shaker Plates. Morano takes on the most ambitious task of the Full Circle night, with an all nighter set with (at least not announced) no additional support by another DJ. We’re slightly worried he’ll have to relieve himself in a bottle behind the decks but are majorly looking forward to this set. Within his genre, Nico Morano is the very best Belgium has to offer, just like the organisers intended with this entire club night and it’s programming. No filler, no limits, this is Belgium, this is our club scene and you guessed it, this is Antwerp. You can’t get this anywhere else.


On Friday November 10, at Ampere, Bar Helder, Café d’Anvers & Club Vaag. All over Antwerp City, from 11pm until 6am.

Buy your ticket & confirm your attendance here.


Text by Laurent James

Pics by Visit Antwerp & Full Circle


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