Antwerp Convention: why you should go

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  • antwerp convention #thisisantwerp

If you know who Jeor Mormont, Butterball, or the Log Lady is, then you ought to go to Antwerp Convention on 28th of April to meet the actors who play these legendary roles. But even if you have never heard these names before, you will enjoy yourself at this event anyhow.

The sci-fi and fantasy convention is only set up for the third time, so we rather let organizer Lode explain why you should all attend Antwerp Convention.

Lode: “Antwerp was in need of a sci-fi and fantasy convention because the city is inhabited by many fans of the genres we offer. You can notice this by the success of Mekanik, one of the biggest comic stores in Europe, and game centre Outpost, which is located near the Groenplaats. We were confident to find an audience in Antwerp and we were proven right.”

Lode: “Antwerp Convention takes place in Antwerp Expo. In its biggest hall, which has a surface area of a stunning 6000 m², we have plenty of room for distributors from home and abroad.”

The main focus of the event is all things sci-fi, horror, and fantasy, so you can get anything from film and literature to games and collectables. But that is not even the best part.

Lode: “Antwerp Convention pays a lot of attention to vintage and cult, which is a unique aspect. Moreover, we also offer second hand so that everybody is able to buy something. Our game section is more elaborate than at similar events: you cannot only play computer and board games at the convention, but you can also take on your friend in a laser shoot contest. Or what about a whole zone of free pinball machines? To put it simple: everybody can find something to their liking at Antwerp Convention.”

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg: find the full program and all guests on Tickets cost 8 euros.



Lode’s tips in Antwerp


“I recommend Mekanik for its diversity and Tse Tse for the friendly advice.”

Mekanik – Sint-Jacobsmarkt 73 2000 AntwerpenTse Tse – Kronenburgstraat 72 2000 Antwerpen



Vitrin: Marnixplaats 14 2000 AntwerpenBar à Gauche: Essenlaan 12 2050 Antwerpen (left bank) “New bar where you can escape the city for a while.”



Vier, Kammenstraat 66, for clothes,Avenue at Ijzerenwaag 1 for shoes,Galerie Alainko at Kloosterstraat 156 for design furniture,Record Collector, Lange Koepoortstraat 70, for vinyl.


Text and pictures by Tine.