Antwerp City Flow 2015 - dnb mayhem

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To wake up with a sunbeam in your face is one of the best feelings ever. However, to wake up knowing that you can party in the sun all day and night is so much better!! If you add 18 hours of smooth melodic dnb beats to that mixture, one can only dream that those 18 hours will last till the end of days!
So yes sir, it’s time to boogie woogie because the 8th of August we will party at the Antwerp City Flow festival at the domain of the Spiegeltent!! Be sure to buy your tickets asap because so far the festival has been sold out every year.

I can hardly wait to see what organizers Carlos Michielsen and Frank Raes will have for us this edition. I met these guys 4 years ago in Ibiza and partied with them all night long. Let’s say that they sure know how to party so you can imagine that I’m super stoked about their festival. I needed some extra intel so
what better way than to ask right? So I had a little chat with them about the festival, about their organization and about their love for dnb.

TIA: Hi guys! It’s the fifth edition so far, are you guys super excited to see how Antwerp City Flow grew to such a major event, not to say one of the biggest dnb concepts in Antwerp?

Carlos: For sure! We are very proud Antwerp City Flow has become what it is today. We would have never thought our love for dnb would spread so fast and that we could influence such a big audience in such a limited amount of time. The past 5 years have been amazing and we hope there will be many more to come!

TIA: We know you guys as 'the dynamic duo', a true bromance I might say! So how long have you guys been playing together ? Do you guys also perform solo?

Frank: Well, a common friend who is also a dnb dj introduced us and before we knew it we were playing together. We’ve been doing this now for about 6 years and every now and then we play a solo set when the other half of the “dynamic duo” doesn’t have enough time. We both have other responsibilities as well so it’s not always easy to make time to create good sets together. But when we do, we blow the roof off!

TIA: I can’t wait to see that! So tell me a little something extra about this edition of the festival? Will there be only one genre of dnb?

Carlos: This year we will host 4 stages and we made sure every genre of dnb is present. Every junglist can find his or her favorite genre. We even invited some really huge names this year, LTJ Bukem for example, who is one of the founders of dnb and DJ Friction will also please us with his presence! We also invited two exclusive famous dj’s who have never played in Western Europe, Dj Rawtee and Bachelors of Science.

Frank: On top of these amazing dj’s , we would also like to present some new upcoming talent. That’s why we organized last spring an International City Flow DJ contest and the winners of this competition will be playing at the festival as well. Furthermore, in order to create a true cultural event, we also added live graffiti performances where  talented artists can spray(paint) the night away.

TIA: That sounds amazing! As you guys know, we are from a true Antwerpian magazine, so we would also love to hear why you guys choose Antwerp as a location and why you love this city? Especially since we know that you guys have played in various countries.

Carlos: Both of us are born and bred in A-town and we love it here. We discovered dnb right here when we were teenagers and the Antwerp dnb scene has been and will be in our hearts forever. Also, every city has its’ own dnb concept so we decided to create the Antwerp City Flow. Originally the intention was to expand and host city flow parties in other cities, hence the name city flow. So far we’ve had our own event in Amsterdam  and we are still thinking about going abroad, but since there is only 24 hours in a day; it’s ever so difficult to make everything possible.

Frank: Which doesn’t mean that the impossible isn’t possible, right?! We are dreamers but we also make sure most of these dreams become reality. The festival is so much more than we ever hoped for and we are so pleased with our amazing fans who have helped us grow. Of course we also have a whole army of Santa’s little helpers. Without these people, none of it would have been possible. So a little shout out to these peeps! You guys know who you are! Thank you for all the support!

TIA: Well I must say guys,  with all the info you’ve just given me I can’t wait to party until sunrise. 18 hours of dnb sounds like pure music to my inner junglist soul. So see you guys on the flipside!


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08.08.2015 -- Spiegeltent Noordkasteel -- Antwerp



Text by Cleo Klapholz

Pics by Antwerp City Flow


We have a wakeboard cable now!


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pop-up bar STULP opening #thisisantwerp

Cleo Klapholz

Cleo Klapholz #thisisantwerp