As Ancient as time, as modern as tomorrow

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As everyone in our network and personal circle knows, we love tattoos and everything that involves this appealing skin art. Needless to say we are major admirers of handsome tattoo artists who are also creative geniuses. That’s why we go all nineties-fan-girl-crazy when something new arises regarding our favorite artists from one of our most beloved tattoo shops in town, Brabo’s Hand. 

These boys have been on our radar for quite some time. We wrote about their collective with the Barber Shop in the eighth issue of the This is Antwerp magazine, we talked to Younes for The Word magazine, we wrote about Barrie and Lenny's clothing line and now we went to Tomas Redrey’s exhibit.

Stalkers? Yes. Very much so. But honestly: can you blame us?!

As ancient as time, as modern as tomorrow

When we wrote about the Brabo’s Hand collective, we said that tattoo art has been around for centuries and that our city has always hosted a slew of talented tattoo artists, mainly because of the harbor and our red light district. When we heard about the title of Tomas’ exhibit, we immediately knew nobody could have said it better: As ancient as time, as modern as tomorrow. The quote itself is one of the ‘old tattoo ways’ and well-known in the tattoo world. Tomas told us that this quote might have been an obvious choice but the best one to frame his work, since he has the old school tattoo design going on. His work is inspired by ideas from all over the globe and is highly visible in his designs.

The exhibit was one of a kind, especially because it’s quite unique to find the drawings of a tattoo artist in an exhibit context. We absolutely loved the idea to be able to buy art and hang it instead of placing it on ones’ skin. Tomas did mention that his first and foremost idea behind the exhibit was not per se the sale of art, but more to interest people in this art form in a different setting, which he absolutely aced.


Credit should definitely be given to KOP vzw too. Their new co-op art space, KOPLAND, turned out to be the perfect location for this event. A fancy mansion in the center of town has been transferred into a cosy yet huge home for local and international artists with a unique vision and style.

KOP vzw has really gone all out in providing a safe haven for creative bursts of energy. Their three-story building is divided into an expo hall on the bottom floor, a coworking space on the first floor and extra rooms for co-ops to do their thing on the top floor. Oh, and they also house a screen printing studio in their basement. From the somewhat clandestine exhibition ‘The Nightwatch’ to Onio’s international grafitti piece on the walls of the old Fish & Chips building, KOP has been able to put their personal stamp on the Antwerp art scene and is sure to continue this tradition.

Daniela and her team have a crazy eye for talent, which causes everyone who comes over to leave feeling like they’ve gained a lot. Guaranteed. Make sure to check out their calendar if you plan a visit to town because you always end up getting a lot more than you bargained for.

Go check out As ancient as time, as modern as tomorrow. The exhibit will be open at 1pm on Saturday February 3 and Sunday February 4.

Address: KOPLAND, Amerikalei 128, 2000 Antwerp.


Text by Cleo Klapholz & Joke Tourné

Pics by Mathias Hannes & Tomas Redrey


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