Ampere Opening Night

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  • Ampère #thisisantwerp
  • Ampère #thisisantwerp
  • Ampère #thisisantwerp
  • Ampère #thisisantwerp


Marvelous music, extraordinary wine and an unprecedented vibe: I was present at the Ampere opening night !


Electric new hotspot

Your personal party Princess (aka me) went to explore the new place to be in town: Ampere. Last week I told you all about its outstanding ecological mental legacy. This week I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t hesitate to make this club your new favorite hotspot!

Flow rate

You know that feeling when you’re going to a club and the line for the entrance just seems to go on and on? Well no worries, at Ampere the crowd moves in quite smoothly. The ladies at the entrance know exactly how to get everyone in without a hassle! First impression: awesome that I don’t have to wait in the cold! But that’s not the only thing that struck me when entering! The area where you have to queue is extremely well lit which makes it very pleasant to park your bike (oh and the bicycle parking is huge!).

When you enter the club and you start to feel the rhythmic beats running through your body it gives you an immediate endorphin kick! First impression when I entered: wow this place is enormous and so tastefully decorated! Good vibes!

Say Watt!?!

Another plus side of this vibrant club is the cloak room, or rather the absence of it and the presence of lockers! Oh how I love lockers and it’s certain that nobody will lose my purse or jacket! After this little love affair with the lockers, I went downstairs to check out the rest of the club. To my surprise, I found a token machine underneath the stairs! So no queuing for the drink tokens because the machine was faster than lightning!

Attractive forces

The whole place was just one radiant mass and not only thanks to the dreamy vibes of Laurent Garnier! On top of all these crazy advantages, the extraordinary wine was poured by extremely good-looking bartenders and the super deluxe clean toilets were maintained by smoking hot ladies.

There is really no excuse for not going because this place is genuinely the coolest place I’ve ever been and I’ve been clubbing all over the world! There are some really awesome parties coming up so I hope you’ll put on your party hat and that I’ll see you there!



Ampere - Simonsstraat 21 - 2018 Antwerp

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Upcoming events:

22 May > Ampere Slapfunk Labelnight

23 May > Ampere presents Faces with Antigone, Kobosil, Francois x & Flatfish

24 May > Sunday matinee and Kontrast

30 May > Silver network labelnight with Subb-An, Ben Vedren, Jef K, Pirrès


Text by Cleo Klapholz

Pics by Alexandre Van Battel (c)


Ampere presents Slapfunk Records

Ampere presents Slapfunk Records

Ampere presents FACES

 Ampere presents FACES

Cleo Klapholz

Cleo Klapholz #thisisantwerp