60 minutes to escape the box

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  • Out Of The Box #thisisantwerp
  • Out Of The Box #thisisantwerp
  • Out Of The Box #thisisantwerp
  • Out Of The Box #thisisantwerp
  • Out Of The Box #thisisantwerp
  • Out Of The Box #thisisantwerp

Last Friday we barely made it “out of the box”! What may sound a little overdramatic was above all very intriguing. All you need to know is: we came, saw and conquered (twice). How? That’s for you to find out.

Out of the Box

Thinking out of the box has never been this fun. Founders Elin De Boel en Pieter De Pauw really outdid themselves by introducing the first Out of the Box escape games to Antwerp. The concept of being locked up in a box (for fun) is already known worldwide, but it’s only now making its appearance in Europe. Only difference with the concept used abroad is the Antwerp version is not spooky. You really don’t need to cut off your leg to win this game. Intelligence is the key, as you need to solve puzzles and unravel codes to unlock the door. The boxes aren’t too small either and thus perfectly suitable for claustrophobics.

There are no age or height restrictions, so everybody can join in on the fun. Moreover, the concept is actually appropriate for various occasions. Not only have coworkers shared a little moment of team building during an escape game, but has a woman recently thrown her retirement party in one of the five boxes. Even the This is Antwerp crew couldn’t resist the mystery evolving around this game. #Gurl, were we in for an adventure!

Inside // Outside

We arrived at an industrial looking building on a dark rainy night. Both of us were quite anxious and already made a fool out of ourselves when we took the wrong door and weren’t able to actually access the building. Weren’t we supposed to play Out of the Box instead of getting Into the Box? Ha! Once inside the feeling of unease was immediately gone when we were welcomed by Elin. She assured us that we weren’t the biggest fools on the planet by taking the wrong door and made us feel at ease in a matter of seconds.

The interior of the large warehouse (also known as Hangar 26) was surprisingly modern and almost had a clinical feel to it. Imagine a lot of white with 5 different but colorful doors with each a large button and a time clock next to it. The yellow door leads towards the box of booze in which you search for clues in a Belgian bar. The blue one will presumably leave you clueless in Belgium. The orange door hides the secrets to our notorious diamonds. The green one locks you up in Antwerp city and the red one transports you back into the colonial times.

Team Antwerp vs Team Colonial Times

When our group was complete, we were ready for guidelines. We couldn't wait to start the race against time. If we were able to escape the box within 60 minutes we would make it onto the wall of fame! We got divided into two teams, which added up to the team spirit! One team was put into the room “Stuck in Antwerp” and the other team was put into the room “Colonial Times”. Both of the boxes were decorated completely into these themes (the fun even continues in the restroom). Unfortunately for you, our devoted reader, we can’t give your more details otherwise we will spoil the fun! All that we can share is both of the teams made it out alive and within 60 minutes!

In for some plain old-fashioned and real-life fun? Check out the website www.outoftheboxescapegames.com and book a box (or five) of fun for you and your friends. All we know is we'll be back soon to crack more codes!



Text by Clea Klapholz from theantwerphashtagqueens.com and Laetitia Sabiti from miss pointcinque.com

Pics by Clea Klapholz from theantwerphashtagqueens.com and Laetitia Sabiti from miss pointcinque.com


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