10 reasons why you should go to Kavkapper for your next haircut

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  • Kavkapper #thisisantwerp
  • Kavkapper #thisisantwerp
  • Kavkapper #thisisantwerp

Going to the hairdresser at Kavka for some is not the most obvious choice so we listed 10 reasons why you should reconsider where you will go for a new hairdo.

1. A haircut, styling included, costs €8. Eight euros. I personally cannot think of a better reason, especially because my boyish haircut needs a trim every two months. The only thing they ask is to wash your hair in advance.

2. Everyone’s equal. You don’t have to pay more because you happen to have long hair. A lady with the exact hair length as her fellow gentleman friend does not have to pay €20 more, as is the case at many salons.

3. The hairdresser is a student in his final year before becoming a certified hairdresser. He (m/f) has only recently learned all the new techniques for getting the coolest hair styles.

4. You get it your way. I have been going to Kavkapper since last school year and what I like best, except for the price tag, is the fact that the students do not cut routinely and actually listen to what you want. I always leave extremely satisfied with my new haircut.

5. The service is excellent. You really feel welcome and at ease here.

6. It's located perfectly. Kavka is situated in the middle of the city center and thus very accessible. At the improvised salon you can sit back and relax, because there is no hustle, no intoxicating hair-spray fumes, no bright lights, and no mirrors all around you.

7. You are kept entertained. Thanks to the illustration festival The Big Draw you can look at kids’ drawings on the walls while your hair is being done. Trust me, you'll discover new details every time you go.

8. You can pick when you want to go. The Kavkapper is open on Thursdays from 13.30h to 16.30h. Let them know you are coming on 0032(3) 3273011 or mail them on minimax1415@hotmail.com or just pop in during the opening hours.

9. No long waits. The queue is never long – and if it is, just go shopping!

10. To sum up: €8 for a quality hair cut from a very nice and dedicated hairdresser at Kavka on Thursday afternoons. 


Text by Tine Van den Poel De Clippeleire - antwerpenstreetstyle.com

Pics by Tine Van den Poel De Clippeleire - antwerpenstreetstyle.com


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