Ültra Eczema

  • Ültra Eczema #thisisantwerp

Vinyl galore from Ültra Eczema, a self controlled DIY publisher/record label by Antwerp’s most infamous artist and troublemaker Dennis Tyfus.A nearly impossible to fully comprehend back catalogue. Incomprehensible strategic and method when it comes to release and distribution. Mostly limited from 150 to 400 copies. On 7”, 10” and 12”. In all fairness the hit-to-miss ration is roughly even, but nonetheless it is always in every way interesting. Intriguing. Common sense defying. From artwork to content, from format to audio quality truly wholesome. More than worth the purchase.

Upcoming releases include Magisch Theater Productions lp ( out in January 2012, 250 copies only - archival lp of 2 tape compositions from 1983) and Kris Vanderstraeten (solo percussion lp) and the mysterious Sex Boyz.