Zamouzik & Blue J

Dnb vs. Techno Night
TagsDrum&Bass, dance, techno
  • #ThisisAntwerp

Zamouzik & Blue J decided to combine forces to create this one of a lifetime experience! Together they bring you the TWO GENRES that inspire them the most: DRUM AND BASS & TECHNO!

It will be a night of pure delight, with musical explosion of colors and different vibes! Bringing the most promising YOUNG TALENT in ANTWERP and letting them blow your mind!

Zamouzik is going from Jungle to Jump Up. This master of the decks will bring you a full spectrum of Drum and Bass. Started in 2011 on a crappy vinyl set-up, this wild bearded hipster has been around in the Drum and Bass scene for some time now. Expect some breathtaking skills from this mad man!


Oudaan 14 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
€3 ATD