Work in Progress: May I have this dance?

dance and be art
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"Dear citizen,

You are cordially invited to have a dance with us.

You are the music, you are the movement.

You will become our work."

The residents of KOPlabo invite you to MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE?. The exhibit can only exist with the presence of the visitor, during the first events on November 29 and 30. The visitor doesn't have to do anything and doesn't have to be skilled. The event will result in a participation, with an unknown outcome.

You are the creator, KOPlabo's residents are the executors. The final works will be exhibited from Decemer 6 to 9, 2018.

KOPlabo's residents are

Winnie Claessens :: Ariane Van der Rauwelaert :: Mia Syn

KOP :: Amerikalei 128 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
Free entrance